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New to bitcoin - can't find my wallet code

Hey /bitcoin
I just recently created a wallet at Blockchain, but couldn't find an option to purchase bitcoin there, despite following their FAQ directions. I found out that there is a bitcoin kiosk about an hour's drive away from me and so I went there. The kiosk made me create a new wallet. I had $38 in cash on me, so I put that in. Apparently now it's worth $41.05 just a week later, so that's cool, but I haven't figured out how to spend it. I'm using http://wallet.romit.io/ but I can't find the wallet code anywhere. Does anyone else use that service and can help me out?
Edit: I think I've got this figured out. Everyone on this sub is so extremely helpful, it's a breath of fresh air. Thank you all!
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If you require a government ID in order to sell me crypto-currency, you will not be getting my business. Here's why:

I'm in Edmonton for a while and figured on this fine free evening I'd drive downtown and try out the Robocoin at the Remedy Cafe.
First thing it wants is my phone number, and it sends me a text with a verification code. Then it asks me to choose a pin. OK
Step number three: Hold your government ID up to the camera.
That's a Big NOPE good buddy, over and out! I left at that point.
If you require a government ID in order to sell me cryptocurrency, you will not be getting my business.
Here's why:
1) For me, one of the most important advantages of cyrpto-currency is anonymous transactions. I do not want the government knowing I have bitcoin.
I'm not doing any illegal (seriously, I'm not), but without a warrant, there is absolutely no requirement that I tell any government what I do with my after-tax income. I don't want you telling them either.
2.a) It's bank machine. The only thing it should need from me is my money and my wallet ID. No other bank machine requires my ID to sell me cash. It shouldn't either.
2.b) It's a website. Unless you are shipping a physical product to my geographical location, you don't need any other information about me other than what it takes to verify my payment method.
3) This is the most important: I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!
Let's face it, you're just some guys who set up a website and built a machine with a camera in it, and you are amassing a database of people's sensitive information along with a picture of their picture Id as well as a picuter of them holding their official picture ID.
I'd be just as well off to give my id and credit card to the shady looking guy on the next corner. At least I can tell the police what he looked like.
Sure, maybe you have no evil intentions. But is your database secure? Are you sure? Are you sure your business partners aren't going to end up owing the mafia major money in gambling debts s/he can't repay?
Sure, I get it. You're running a business. You have to play by certain rules in order to remain in business in this country.
But I don't have to play that game with you. I'll find another way.
Good luck to you.
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Am I the only one who isn't jumping for joy over Robocoin?

Robocoin just installed an ATM in Washington (and before in Texas) and they came out with their announcement of turning all their ATMs into bank branches and everyone is upvoting all this news
I'm sorry, but I'm not impressed.
Robocoin's invasive requirements for transacting are a deal killer. Who wants an ATM that requires a palm scan, photo ID, and all that crap. Who wants banks when bitcoin has just freed us from them?
Peer to peer, private transactions, outside of the all seeing eye of banksters and statists. That's what bitcoin offers folks, that's what our votes should be reflecting.
EDIT: just to be clear, I'm not saying Robocoin shouldn't be in business. I'm absolutely fine with them entering the market. I'm simply raising my voice to support solutions that don't undermine our own privacy, security, and freedom. The market is a continuous vote. Vote accordingly.
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My first experience with a bitcoin ATM did not go very well.

I went to the D casino tonight in Las Vegas to try and buy some bitcoin using the Robocoin machine located inside. However, things did not go as planned.
First of all, I had to give, in my opinion, too much information: phone number, scan of ID, and scan of my palm. I reluctantly did so. It told me it would be a 5 minute process to approve my application. I waited about 20 minutes before I got a text saying my application would have to be manually reviewed?? Needless to say, I left without any newly acquire coin.
Secondly, the price was too high. It was $636 to buy and $580 to sell while the market price at the time (bitstamp) was $607. Once again, in my opinion, this is too much markup. Especially for anyone to buy any type of substantial amount of coins.
On the brighter side though, while I was waiting for my application to be reviewed and accepted, I visited the D gift shop that accepts bitcoin. I walk in and 2 girls are buying snacks, drinks, and a few random souvenirs with bitcoin. It was 2am by the way, Cool!! Anyways, I bought a deck of playing cards using bitcoin and the transaction was instantaneous.
Would never buy bitcoin using an atm because the price is too high and if I wanted to use a currency regulated by the U.S. government I would just use the dollar.
Buying things with bitcoin is extremely, amazingly straightforward and easy.
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Various Bitcoin "ATMs" with KYC/AML aspects briefly listed. (22 brands)

Bitcoin "ATMs" (AKA vending machines/kiosks/branches/BTMs/CTMs) continue to spread around the planet. Here is a current snap-shot of most of the manufacturers with some further information about their products.
Just as operators of various machines may decide on what colour or graphics the machine has, operators may also have optional Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) features at their disposal. Companies like BitPay, Coinjar, Kraken, Mt Gox (did), Bitstamp, Coinbase etc require your ID. Our face is the biometric most commonly used by people and governments alike for ID. Fingerprints are less commonly utilised as a biometric ID by governments. Banks commonly use our face as a biometric ID.
1W=cash to bitcoin (one way). 2W=cash or CC to bitcoin and the reverse, "Cash out" (two ways)
AML aspects would typically include daily transaction amount limits. Operators may set AML limits on their machines.
Here is one apparent operators thoughts: (I hope re-posting is OK)
"I operate a Lamassu kiosk and while the manufacturer has recently developed software enhancements to comply with KYC/AML regulations, I have chosen not to implement them. Yeah, my ass is on the line here, but I've used the Robocoin machine and felt it was very intrusive. I like the idea of anonymity and I don't want to have to keep records of my customers' identities and monitor their private transactions. That's not Satoshi's way, nor is it mine. So far, I'm operating well under the radar and I'm not very worried about it (though some attorneys have warned me that I am taking a huge risk by following this path). I have a FinCen license, but there are no final state licensing regulations (yet), so until they tell me what I have to do to stay out of jail, I will continue to operate my machine as it was shipped, without collecting personal information from the users. The only "compliance" feature I've turned on so far is a maximum transaction limit of $500 USD. This is partly to avoid having to file Suspicious Activity Reports, but mainly to keep me from running out of bitcoins on a daily basis." - by Magg0tt
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How to retrieve or get your transaction ID or Hash from BlockChain Blockchain tutorial 27: Bitcoin raw transaction and transaction id How to find the transaction ID in your Blockchain.info ... How to Find a Bitcoin Transaction ID in Your Coinbase ... Bitcoin Transaction Details - Part 2

Bitcoin ATM provider RoboCoin believes that implementing biometric technology is far more work than its worth, according to a report by Payments Source.. In August 2013, RoboCoin began accepting pre-orders for its bidirectional (cash in/cash out) Bitcoin ATM, which it claimed were more secure than competing machines as a result of its built-in palm identification system. Robocoin Bitcoin ATMs Set to Make U.S. Debut. Robocoin's first bitcoin ATM in the U.S. is set to go online in Austin, Texas with other locations to follow. Robocoin’s 3 step verification combines palm vein biometric authentication, government ID scanning and facial matching to create a full profile of each customer with a sign up process of less than 5 minutes. CASH. Customers are able to buy and sell bitcoin in minutes because Robocoin only works with cash. Customers don’t have to worry about bank wires, utility bills or 3-5 day wait periods ... The user will then receive the cash. But if he wants to buy Bitcoin, he has to deposit the fiat money into the machine and to confirm the transaction, then the BTC is transferred to the address he provided. bitcoinchaser.com Types of Bitcoin ATMs. There are several types of Bitcoin ATMs. The most common ones are those that have only the buy ... A Robocoin Bitcoin ATM is on display during a demonstration in the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill, April 8, 2014 in Washington, DC. To sign up and make a transaction on a Robocoin... Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images

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