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How to set up custom alerts on tradingview based on RSI? /r/Bitcoin

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How to set up custom alerts on tradingview based on RSI? /r/Bitcoin

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Best Cryptocurrency Multi-Exchange Trading and Portfolio Management Platforms Ranking 2020

Best Cryptocurrency Multi-Exchange Trading and Portfolio Management Platforms Ranking 2020
Trade on multiple exchanges from a single platform and avoid the hassle of multiple logins, different interfaces, constant tab changing and overall keeping track of balance holdings and trades.
With more than 300 cryptocurrency exchanges today, most traders have to manage multiple exchange accounts.
The need for more than one account usually rises because of the variety of offered crypto currency pairs, market liquidity, having to diversify the risk of being hacked, as well as the different trading tools and terms each exchange offers.
Trading and keeping track of your portfolios on multiple exchanges is time consuming, inefficient and frustrating. Having to log on different platforms, use different interfaces, keeping track of multiple portfolios and all trading related activities become increasingly difficult with each new account.
It would be simple and easy if you could connect all those exchange accounts into a single multi-exchange platform which combines all the data in real time and provides a single interface to control all remote exchange accounts.

Multi-exchange platforms

A multi-exchange platform allows the traders to connect all their exchange accounts into a single account through the user of API keys generated from the account of each exchange.
Once all accounts are connected into a single one, using the exchanges interfaces becomes obsolete. The unified account will now track and combine all portfolios and traders will be able to track prices, order statuses and other data across all exchange accounts from a single interface.
In addition, most multi-exchange platforms provide various information tools such as news aggregators, sentiment tools, arbitrage matrix and price alerts.
With regards to API keys security, these platforms do not require withdrawal or deposit permissions which limits the possibility of fraud and loss of funds.
Finally, multi-exchange platforms do not typically charge additional trading fees and do not require lengthy verification procedures.

The current top platforms

Currently there are a handful of multi-exchange platforms with a variety of services. They range from a simple crypto portfolio tracker to an advanced trading and portfolio management platform. A detailed list of all major multi-exchange platforms and their features can be found here:
Here is an overview of the top 9 multi-exchange trading and portfolio management platforms:

1. CryptoView
CryptoView is a multi-exchange trading and portfolio management platform equipped with a handful of useful integrations such as various cryptocurrency trading tools, portfolio analytics, a multi-source news aggregator, crypto events calendar and an outstanding multi-charting interface allowing endless customizations. It is an all-in-one solution for traders, crypto enthusiasts and professional fund managers.
CryptoView is a fully functional trading platform allowing you to trade on all major cryptocurrency exchanges from a single secured interface.

2. Bitsgap
Bitsgap is an аll-in-one crypto trading platform designed to cover cross platform API trading and portfolio management with connection with most popular crypto exchanges and wallets. This multi-exchange cryptocurrency platform offers in addition to the full specter of trading tools the opportunity to use arbitrage trading on main and altcoins.
Integrated charts are powered by TradingView with all the provided drawing tools and technical indicators. Through API connection users can track and manage their entire portfolio at once.

3. Conigy
Coinigy is a web based multi-exchange API trading platform combining full scope of trading features such as: advanced trade orders, price alerts, market data overview, crypto news and integrated charts from TradingView. The platform offers connection to more than 25 crypto exchanges and wallets covering most of the main and altcoins.
Single portfolio management is one of the main features of this multi-exchange cryptocurrency platform. Portfolio management across multiple exchanges and wallets can be performed from one unified account.

4. Quadency
Quadency gives the opportunity to trade and manage an entire portfolio across multiple exchanges and trading platforms. By connecting API keys on existing accounts in exchanges and wallets, the users can execute advanced trading orders from one interface. All features combined in this solution makes it an all-in-one crypto trading platform for main and altcoins.

5. Crypto Hopper
Cryptohopperis a multi-exchange trading and automated trading bot platform for cryptocurrencies. It allows its users to automate trading strategies that will trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and any other that supported exchanges offers.
Cryptohopperis designed to make traders more efficient by allowing them to copy other traders, automatically analyze the markets, manage all exchange accounts from one place and even use advanced tools like backtesting, market-making, and arbitrage.

6. LCX Terminal
LCX Terminal brings together real-time and full historical data of all major cryptocurrencies and trading pairs, smart automated and manual trading across all platforms, breaking news desk, social trading signals, powerful analytics and portfolio reporting — all combined in one platform. LCX Terminal cryptocurrency trading software is made for everyday traders as well as professional and institutional investors.

7. Hyperlinq
HyperLinq™ brings institutional-grade software with superior technology for digital assets and cryptocurrencies traders. Allows the users to track crypto assets on any major exchange or wallet through API connection. A simplified portfolio manager for cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

8. Altrady
Altrady is a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform. The platform provides full trading information such as price chart, order book, trade history, and depth chart.
It also offers immediate price alerts, portfolio manager, break-even calculator, and customizable trading pages by allowing traders to manipulate widgets to create preferred layout in order to trade comfortably, limit ladder order, gain quick access to market tabs, and integrated market scanners.

9. Aurox
Auroxis a trading terminal that enables traders to supercharge their returns. With its multi-exchange integrated workspaces, Aurox provides a better platform for portfolio management, leads to faster trades and higher results for cryptocurrency investors.
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One of The Easiest Ways to Get Bitcoin NOW! For Beginners.

Hi, Friends. Here is what I did to get bitcoin fast. *Please note this is not the most private way*. You may need a BTC to your currency converter for convenience.
Go to CashApp on your mobile device and purchase bitcoin after going through their initial verification process. Then, on your MAIN DEVICE download a light bitcoin wallet (good for beginners) and from the MD (main device) wallet hit Request Bitcoin (or whatever it is titled) to generate an address and/or a QR Code. From your phone, send bitcoin (whatever amount) and scan the QR Code or input the address from the MD Wallet. This will generate the amount you are trying to send.
Now, the transaction is going through the blockchain. You can check the transaction as it flows through the blockchain here: Usually a link will generate so you can check from the wallet. CashApp doesn't charge you anything to transfer to another wallet.
You should be alerted by CashApp when the transaction is confirmed through the blockchain.
Boom you have bitcoin in your MD Wallet.
Here you can check the charts:
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One of The Easiest Ways to Get Bitcoin NOW! For Beginners.

Hi, Friends. Here is what I did to get bitcoin fast. *Please note this is not the most private way*. You may need a BTC to your currency converter for convenience.
Go to CashApp on your mobile device and purchase bitcoin after going through their initial verification process. Then, on your MAIN DEVICE download a light bitcoin wallet (good for beginners) and from the MD (main device) wallet hit Request Bitcoin (or whatever it is titled) to generate an address and/or a QR Code. From your phone, send bitcoin (whatever amount) and scan the QR Code or input the address from the MD Wallet. This will generate the amount you are trying to send.
Now, the transaction is going through the blockchain. You can check the transaction as it flows through the blockchain here: Usually a link will generate so you can check from the wallet. CashApp doesn't charge you anything to transfer to another wallet.
You should be alerted by CashApp when the transaction is confirmed through the blockchain.
Boom you have bitcoin in your MD Wallet.
Here you can check the charts:
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Trading View (Request)

App Name: TradingView - stock charts, Forex & Bitcoin ticker
Description: Stock charts with real-time market quotes & trading ideas. Traders & Investors.
Simple for beginners and effective for technical analysis experts, TradingView has all of the instruments for publication and the viewing of trading ideas. Real-time quotes and charts are available for wherever you are at whatever time.
At TradingView, all data is obtained by professional providers who have direct and extensive access to stock quotes, futures, popular indices, Forex, Bitcoin and CFDs.
You can effectively track stock market and major global indices such as the NASDAQ Composite, S&P 500 (SPX), NYSE, Dow Jones (DJI), DAX, FTSE 100, NIKKEI 225, etc. You can also learn more about exchange rates, oil prices, mutual funds, bonds, ETFs and other commodities.
TradingView is the most active social network for traders and investors. Connect with millions of traders from around the world, learn from the experiences of other investors and discuss trading ideas.
Advanced Charts TradingView has excellent charts that surpass even desktop trading platforms in quality — all for free. No compromises. All of the features, settings and tools of our charts will also be available in our app version. Over 10 types of charts for market analysis from different angles. Starting with an elementary chart line and ending with Renko and Kagi charts, which focus heavily on price fluctuations and barely take time into account as a factor. They can be very useful for determining long-term trends and can help you earn money.
Choose from a large selection of price analysis tools, including, but not limited to, indicators, strategies, drawing objects (i.e. Gann, Elliot Wave, moving averages) and more.
Individual watchlists and alerts You can track major global indices, stocks, currency pairs, bonds, futures, mutual funds, commodities and cryptocurrencies all in real-time.
Alerts will help you not to miss the smallest of changes in the market and will allow you to react in time to invest or sell profitably, increasing your overall profit.
Flexible settings help you to track the indices you need and also group them in a way that is convenient for you.
Syncing your accounts All saved changes, notifications, charts, and technical analysis, which you began on the TradingView platform will be automatically accessible from your mobile device through the app.
Real-time data from global exchanges Gain access to data in real-time on more than 100,000 instruments from over 50 exchanges from the United States, Russia, the East, and countries in Asia and Europe, such as: NYSE, LSE, TSE, SSE, HKEx, Euronext, TSX, SZSE, FWB, SIX, ASX, KRX, NASDAQ, JSE, Bolsa de Madrid, TWSE, BM&F/B3, MOEX and many others!
Commodity prices In real-time, you can track prices for gold, silver, oil, natural gas, cotton, sugar, wheat, corn, and many other products.
Global indices Track major indices of the world stock market in real-time: ■ North and South America: Dow Jones, S&P 500, NYSE, NASDAQ Composite, SmallCap 2000, NASDAQ 100, Merval, Bovespa, RUSSELL 2000, IPC, IPSA; ■ Europe: CAC 40, FTSE MIB, IBEX 35, ATX, BEL 20, DAX, BSE Sofia, PX, РТС, ММВБ (MOEX); ■ Asian-Pacific Ocean Regions: NIKKEI 225, SENSEX, NIFTY, SHANGHAI COMPOSITE, S&P/ASX 200, HANG SENG, KOSPI, KLCI, NZSE 50; ■ Africa: Kenya NSE 20, Semdex, Moroccan All Shares, South Africa 40; and ■ Middle East: EGX 30, Amman SE General, Kuwait Main, TA 25.
Cryptocurrency Get the opportunity to compare prices from leading cryptocurrency exchanges, such as HitBTC, Binance, BitBay, Coinbase, Mercado Gemini, Kraken, Huobi, OkCoin, and many others. Get information on prices for: ■ Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP); ■ Ethereum ( ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), IOTA; ■ Dogecoin (DOGE), USD Coin (USDC), Tron (TRX); ■ Stellar (XLM), Tether (USDT), Cardano (ADA); ■ Monero (XMR), ZCash (ZEC), Dash.
Playstore Link:
Mod Features: Additional indicators available in pro version of this app
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is there an online bot that can use tradingview alerts to trade (buy and sell)?

Hi I was wondering what are the online bots that can use tradingview alerts to buy and sell bitcoin. thanks
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The First-generation Terminal — MoonBot

The First-generation Terminal — MoonBot

Our team has developed and is supporting the trading terminal MoonBot which was introduced in October 3, 2017. Currently, the performance of MoonBot surpasses that of most existing trading systems as a result of its advanced functionality and the high security features designed to protect your trading activities.
Secure Connection to the Exchange
The connection from MoonBot to an Exchange is carried out using special keys that the user receives from an exchange such as Binance or Bittrex.
MoonBot connects securely to cryptocurrency trading Exchanges through two special keys which are uniquely and only known to their owner. These are the API key, and the Secret key, both of which the users receives directly from the Exchange.
The MoonBot terminal then receives data and information from the exchange’s API collected at several different access levels, including:
Public information (publicly accessible data related to trading in general):
  • charts;
  • quotes;
  • orderbook;
  • real-time executed orders.
  • Authenticated information (unique to the users and which requires authentication access using the special keys): personal account status (wallet balances);
  • user transactions (such as the details of executed trades).
After receiving the various data information from the exchange, the terminal records these data in a local database for further processing and application.
Security Systems
The MoonBot terminal provides completely private storage of all your personal data!
The MoonBot team has absolutely no access to personal data, you are the only one controlling its security and have complete control over access to your details.
The MoonBot team are not able to withdraw, nor to move, any funds from your personal Exchange account or wallet.
You can therefore safely use the terminal for trading, receiving public information from the Exchange, and should you wish to share with others, the trading data on your account.
You therefore are the only person with control and access to your Exchange wallet, and can be completely assured of the absolute security of your private funds.
Lightning-fast Execution of the Orders on the Exchange and Order Status Update
Depending on the distance of the user from the exchange servers, the delay in order execution should not exceed 1 second. Theoretically, the delay can be reduced to a minimum intangible — 10–20 ms. Below is presented a very short extract(4 seconds in total) of the MoonBot log text file with brief explanations and highlights of the key features.

The MoonBot log text file with brief explanations and highlights of the key features.

Tick Chart. Display of All Orders on the Chart
Thanks to the API connection to the exchange, the terminal receives stream data of all filled orders on the exchange as soon as they were processed by the exchange servers and immediately displays them on the chart.
Tick Chart.
Thus, the visualization of the current state of the market is provided in real time with an accuracy of tens of milliseconds and as detailed as displaying each order on the chart.

Auto Trading on Signals
Fully automatic processing and trading off Telegram signals as well as parced TradingView alerts.
Automatic Detection of Market Conditions and Reaction to its Changes
Thanks to streaming data acquisition, the terminal monitors all available markets simultaneously, and is therefore able to react almost instantaneously as favorable trading possibilities are presented. And due to the minimal delay in the execution of orders, MoonBot responds to abnormal changes almost instantly.

Advanced Orders. Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop
OCO orders (one cancels the other) are one of the most sought-after functions from both the Exchanges providing liquidity to the markets, and applications running on top of the exchanges. The modern Trader cannot trade without the basic “smart” functions and addons to traditional exchange orders and considers them to be the minimum necessary set in their armory.
Stop Loss
One of the most important tools for Traders is to be able to place orders whilst practicing safe money management in order to mitigate against losses. One of the most important safety tools is to use a Stop Loss, which is especially important in volatile, low liquidity markets.
With MoonBot, the user can set a Stop Loss threshold (either as a percentage of the order price, or as a number of price points), which their strategy can accept should the price move in the opposite direction to that expected. When this threshold value has been reached, the order will be closed automatically.
Technically, a Stop Loss can be set up in two ways: either as a stop-limit order placed directly on the exchange at the same time as the initial position is opened; or as a function controlled in real-time by the MoonBot terminal itself. Additional types of conditional Stop Loss functions include:
  1. Additional and conditional Stop Losses – these are activated by a timer, and depend on the price reached. Thus Moonbot can raise the Stop Loss to a break-even point, or can be set to move upward to follow coin growth and to achieve higher profitability.
  2. BV/SV Ratio Stop Loss — this is a measure of buying/selling pressure and depends on the ratio of the volume of coin purchases compared against sales over a given time range. For example, if the number of sales exceeds the number of purchases, then this Stop Loss would be activated
  3. V-STOP — this is a stop which depends on the volume in the orderbook, where a price and volume level is set, which if broken will activate the Stop Loss.
  4. Trailing Stop — Trailing Stop is a General Stop Loss Management Tool. This very important feature allows the Trader to maximize profit in an automatic mode by following upward price movements, until the price reverses by a preset amount. At that stage the Stop Loss is activated.
    Take Profit
The Trader can fix the profit gained as the value of an asset increases in several ways:
  • By closing the position after a predefined profit percentage has been reached.
  • By remaining in the position, and setting the Stop Loss level to break-even, or to higher profit levels.

Algorithmic Trading
At the moment, MoonBot has 13 types of strategies in-built (manual) using specific and well-proven algorithms (algorithmic trading or algo-trading).
Together these have more than 200 adjustable parameters that can be adjusted to optimize their profitability across the wide range of trending and ranging markets that occur.
Trusted Management
MoonBot includes a successful and well-tested Trusted Management feature, in other words — Copy Trading:
  • All trade actions from the Master Terminal are repeated on the Follower’s Terminal (slave terminal).
  • The Follower’s deposit remains securely in their own personal exchange account.
  • The Trusted Management feature does not have direct access to money, or to direct trading on someone else’s account, but manages only its own Exchange orders, simultaneously broadcasting encrypted messages to Followers terminals containing all Master actions.
Trust Management is successfully implemented and used by members of our community. The statistics of those TM Traders who share their results can be reviewed on the website — on the RatingTM tab.
During the two years of development of the MoonBot terminal, more than 30,000 copies have been registered and used by our Community of Traders.
Every day several thousand people trade cryptocurrencies using the MoonBot terminal, making daily approximately one hundred thousand manual and automatic transactions only on the leading crypto-currency exchange — Binance.
The existing community of traders is actively developing. The MoonBot project has its own active pages on popular social networks, in dedicated Telegram channels divided by topics, and also its own Trader’s forum available to subscribers.
Topics on the BitcoinTalk Forum
  • — the official site of the MoonBot.
  • — MoonBot forum.
  • — trade statistics of the community members, TOP-50.
    Telegram Groups
  • — the main RU-chat for communication.
  • — main ENG chat for communication and support.
  • — RU technical support chat.
  • — general RU chat.
    Telegram Channel — the latest news and updates.
Social Network
The current Support team is actively assisting users and resolving their issues through dedicated Telegram channels.
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Is there any app I can use on my phone that will alarm if BTC goes above or below a certain price??

Hi guys!! I thought this might be a good place to post a question I've had. I'm looking for a dependable way of tracking the price of Bitcoin so that I don't miss a good buy opportunity.
I'm finding this hard......if I use tradingview it only bleeps if the tradingview website is active and open on my phone - I can't have this open 24/7, it's just not feasible.
A second option is Blockfolio. I find that the alerts on this are extremely delayed - I get a notification that the price has dropped to my price of interest when it's already too late (i.e. it's been bought back up).
Does anyone know of a dependable app I can use on my phone where it'll alarm or beep when it hits a price I've set?
Any input would be awesome. Thanks guys! :)
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Whales' power is significant in Bitcoin: new evidence

Whales' power is significant in Bitcoin: new evidence
Hi, Traders ! Monfex is on the air !
* According to a new report from SFOX, a crypto trading platform, the impact of whale traders on crypto markets is in evidence. Whales are individuals and organizations with large crypto holdings.
* The report reads upon an interview with Frank Weert, co-founder of Whale Alert, a site that keeps track of wallet crypto transactions of more than $50 million. The site captured transactions on behalf of whales that resulted in a drop of more than 20 percent in Bitcoin’s price from October 21 to October 22.
* Technically, Bitcoin is approaching Support of $9,000 and we assume the Bears could force the price down, below this important level.
* At the same time, we don't think that the price would stay below $9,000 for a long time. We expect a prompt upward reaction around the next Support of $8,500.
Pending trade signal
Buy @ $8,500 - $9,000. Target: $10,500. Stop-loss: $8,300.
Watch for our Updates to get real-time superior signals!
Disclaimer This report is for information purposes only and should not be considered a solicitation to buy or sell any cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency product. Monfex accepts no responsibility for any consequences resulting from the use of this material. Any person acting on this trade idea does so entirely at their own risk.
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Whales' power is significant in Bitcoin: new evidence

Whales' power is significant in Bitcoin: new evidence
Hi, Traders ! Monfex is on the air !
* According to a new report from SFOX, a crypto trading platform, the impact of whale traders on crypto markets is in evidence. Whales are individuals and organizations with large crypto holdings.
* The report reads upon an interview with Frank Weert, co-founder of Whale Alert, a site that keeps track of wallet crypto transactions of more than $50 million. The site captured transactions on behalf of whales that resulted in a drop of more than 20 percent in Bitcoin’s price from October 21 to October 22.
* Technically, Bitcoin is approaching Support of $9,000 and we assume the Bears could force the price down, below this important level.
* At the same time, we don't think that the price would stay below $9,000 for a long time. We expect a prompt upward reaction around the next Support of $8,500.
Pending trade signal
Buy @ $8,500 - $9,000. Target: $10,500. Stop-loss: $8,300.
Watch for our Updates to get real-time superior signals!
Disclaimer This report is for information purposes only and should not be considered a solicitation to buy or sell any cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency product. Monfex accepts no responsibility for any consequences resulting from the use of this material. Any person acting on this trade idea does so entirely at their own risk.
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[WTS] bitcoin trading bot

I have a trading bot for sale, python script and algorithm that makes trades. Gets up to 2% a day typically (if using leverage), some days less.
Have API for most major exchanges coded in. Currently setup for bitmex but you could use the wrapper I have included to do binance, derebit, and more. Have to understand basics of python and how to use IDEs to run it. I can help a little too if you need help setting it up.
I can provide trades it has made previously if anyone is interested. Trying to increase my portfolio size and figured I could help yall do the same.
Payment for bot can be bitcoin or cashapp or whatever. I prefer bitcoin.
Why am I selling it if it is profitable?
I am a broke college student and recently found out my summer internship wasnt going to be paid. My car also broke down and repairs wiped out most of my disposable income. The bot is currently only trading with about $100 because I had to sell my crypto holdings. Anyways, while it does get good returns, it takes a while to compound $100 into something that I can take profits from.
I think that the bot is worth about $500 based on comparable products. Took me about 6 months to perfect the code. It takes tradingview signal emails and executes trades. This purchase includes my pinescript tradingview alert indicator and strategy for calculating profits, as well as the bot to execute it.
I can negotiate on the price, just pretty broke right now and want to accumulate as much btc as we enter the bull market. Please just offer if you are interested and I will try to make it work.
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💰 TRADER-service / new service

💰 TRADER-service / new service

finally we finished testing our new Trader-service product, which we have developed and tested over the past six months. We collected the most relevant information and implemented it in Beta mode until the final product setup, but the service is already fully operational and you can use it.
We selected several professional traders who post their live trading on the TradingView website and similar professional resources for traders.
Now consider in more detail what gives you a new service.
TRADER-service - subscribing or copying professional traders has become a very popular service that almost all the largest brokerage companies have, and which has gained worldwide popularity. These services unite investors and traders on the terms of mutually beneficial cooperation. Our company has slightly modified the service as we see it, combining the funds not only of the client trader, but also supplementing it with the company's funds.
TRADER-service - a service with which investors can earn without trading. Investors subscribe to the accounts of selected professional traders who receive manager fee from profits for managing the account. Successful traders, in turn, receive additional funds to the account from the company, for more confident trading (as in pro-trading companies).
By subscribing to several traders at once, you can further diversify risk management for your part, if the risk management of the trader is not completely satisfied. This type of investment allows you to diversify the risks of the investor, thanks to the ability to select accounts with the optimal ratio of potential risks and opportunities.
Now you can observe the statistics, subscribe part of your capital or the entire amount to the selected trader or several traders, set the necessary risk management and earn money with traders accredited by the company.
There is no monthly subscription fee; No need to register on the exchange, create and provide API keys to someone and sit to control the trader, the company will do everything for you; The company acts as a guarantor of the safety of funds (the trader cannot withdraw them); Top-up and subscription in one click; Track and configure alerts about your coins; In your account you can set the maximum allowable drawdown of the trader; We will help you choose the right account for all your requirements; The ability to earn with the help of experienced traders without trading on your own. By subscribing to TRADER-service, you can receive high income on the cryptocurrency exchange without the skills of trading.
Who are traders? Traders are living people, professionals in the cryptocurrency market who have been engaged in trade for more than a year and have been accredited with us, provided their detailed trading statistics for study, were approved by our company and were allowed to trade.
To accredit a trader, it is necessary to register and submit your detailed trade statistics for a certain period.
We have gained vast experience in trading on various strategies in the cryptocurrency market, and have already helped many to earn in this market, now we want to open access not only to investors but also to traders in this market.
We hope you enjoy our new service.
With respect, Arbitrage – systems team ❤️
More info jn website -
#traders #arbitragesystems #cryptocurrency #blockchain #bitcoin #btc #bitfinex #binance #bitmex
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Bored of these wimpy minimalist setups. Here's the THICC life and home screen(s) of a Bitcoin Maximalist

Bored of these wimpy minimalist setups. Here's the THICC life and home screen(s) of a Bitcoin Maximalist
So I'm an obsessed Bitcoin trader, and when you're constantly in a position in such a goddamn insanely volatile market, simple price alerts and general "push"-types of notifications just don't cut it.
As a result, I embraced Function warmly, throwing Form out of a 34th-story window in the process. This first one is to the immediate right of my main home screen:

Main screen for general \"crypto toolkit\"
Here we have overlapping 12-hour charts of the BTC/USD swap on Bitmex and the current ETH/BTC ratio, which barely leaves room to squeeze in a smattering of my most essential crypto-related apps. Several of those icons are also actually hidden swipe-up folders, with Telegram inside Discord; Coinigy inside Tradingview etc..

It gets worse should you dare to keep swiping right, where we find the 1-week, 1-month, and 3-month views respectively, of BTC/USD and ETH/BTC.

1-week timeframe

1-month timeframe

3-month timeframe

And finally, the last screen holds the rest of my financial garbage, including convenient 2FA for a plethora of shitcoin exchanges. Also the current price of BTC in a persistent notification courtesy of the Bitcoin Paranoid app, updated every 15 seconds and buzzing to alert me of any price changes >1%. :)

2FA buffet

Bitcoin Paranoid app's persistent price notification

You may roast me now. Call me crazy but I love it - this is the most downright useful usecase for widgets that I've found yet, in fact it almost makes me wish there was a launcher designed around widgets entirely, and you could just hot-switch between a variety of completely different home screen setups altogether.
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Let's talk about the remaining lines of resistance

First of all, this is not to create FUD. Just a good, honest conversation on where we're going from here.
I want the market to keep going up, but there is talk and evidence of resistance at the $12K BTC mark. We're pushing up against it now and it will be important to see if we can pass the 12K test or if we get stuck just below it. It's likely we dip to 10K BTC, or more likely 8K, if we can't pass this resistance. That drop would likely happen later today or this weekend.
So, what are your thoughts? Anyone have expertise in this field to speak to it?
I'm still fully invested in crypto but I'll be looking to see if we can get through this 12K resistance line. If not, I may pull 50% back into my USD Wallet to wait and rebuy after we hit the next likely bottom around 8K.
TradingView has a lot of relevant charts around this topic.
The main opinions I'm tracking:
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Free RSI alerts?

Does anyone know how to get free RSI alerts for Bitcoin?
I used the tradingview alerts and its great but I dont like the cost because I just want RSI alerts and they include a bunch of other stuff so cost is higher than the value I would personally get.
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Some rules for trading BTC

After dabbling in investing, swing trading and HODL'ing, I decided to try something the whole internet thinks is a bad idea, day trading. Two weeks ago I moved my capital to fiat and have been buying and selling BTC for a profit.
I don't think I'm outperforming just holding bitcoin overall, although I have made out better on some of the down days. So why not just hodl?
With the uncertainty in the market, having my investments safely in fiat while I sleep has been quite reassuring, and seems like a much lower risk approach as your not at the mercy of BTC like you are with trading alt coins.
So below are some of the rules I tend to stick by. They are my own observations and may be terrible advice, but for me they have worked.
Buy Low, Sell High
It's kinda the core concept, but people often succumb to FOMO and end up buying high or vice versa. Just think before you submit that order, "Am I buying a high?".
Don't be upset about missed profits
You only made 2%, and then it shot up 10%? Don't be frustrated, you made a profit and didn't expose yourself to any unnecessary risk. Making money isn't a mistake.
Buying low is the important bit
Focus your efforts on determining the bottom rather than worrying about the top. If you get the bottom right, you can just sit back and relax until your risk/reward ratio becomes too much.
Don't go all in on your bottom
Have a reserve of fiat that can be used to get another bottom and reduce your dollar cost average. This means if you miss the bottom your chances of breaking back even are a lot higher as you can offset the price of the false bottom with the new one.
Don't let a trade happen without your consent
It's tempting to say "I'll just put a limit order in at X and not worry about it", which in my experience never ends well, it either doesn't quite fill, or pumps right after it fills and either way you feel like a jackass.
While you hold BTC you are trading
Consider it a job, you wouldn't just leave your desk during an important business transaction and this is the same. As soon as you buy you need to make sure you have nothing planned for the next few hours and can monitor the markets. Nothing worse than missing a sell opportunity because you had other commitments.
Use TradingView lets you get all of the technical indicators and price history that is missing from most exchanges, as well as setting up alerts. I decided to pay for their entry level package and it's well worth it.
My Chart
If you want a guide on setting up TradingView like mine and what all the pretty colours mean, let me know!
Check the order book
TradingView used to have the coinbase orderbook on display but for some reason it's been removed or borked. So before making a trade it's key to check the order book and see any walls forming and check how they match your theory based on the technicals. For example if you see consistent bounces on the 200 moving average, estimate what that value will be and look for it in the order book to confirm or deny your theory.
Avoid fees where possible
On GDAX you have to pay a fee to make a market order, which is a real pain, and sometimes it is worth it, but always be conscious of whether your gains are going to outbalance the fees.
Stick to one time interval but check others
I use the five minute candles to set my alerts, as it's a popular timeframe which means the technicals have more weight to them.
It's important to check the bigger time frames, get an idea of where we are on the daily and hourly scale.
Feel your profits
One of the nice things about trading to fiat is that it's super easy to withdraw your funds into real money. Set yourself a goal, be it your rent for the month, a new laptop or a shiny new toy, and trade until you have those gains, then go pay for it with your profits!
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What is the TradingView add-on for Gunbot

What is the TradingView add-on for Gunbot
Gunbot gives you the ability to “import the Strategies” logic directly into Gunbot, using Gunbot only to execute Alerts generated by indicators or pine-scripts .
You can buy the TradingView Add-on as a single product or when you purchase a Gunbot License Pack that has this Add-on included .

The Gunbot TradingView Alerts Add-on

REQUIREMENTS : 1. a GUNBOT License 2. A PRO Account / paid account ( starting at $9.95 per month ) .

With a Pro TradingView Account you can Create 10 Server Side Alerts / 5 x ( BUY and SELL alerts ) With a Pro+ TradingView Account you can Create 30 Server Side Alerts / 15 x ( BUY and SELL alerts ) With a Premium TradingView Account you can Create 100 Server Side Alerts / 50 x ( BUY and SELL alerts )

TradingView accepts Bitcoin Payments ! Join Here .

Buy a Gunbot License at
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Basic trading information and my setup

A lot of you want to start trading, let's just lay down a few VERY important points here.
  1. Only invest money you can afford to lose. DO NOT invest your rent money, college fund money etc.
  2. If you're looking for a quick buck just trying to chase trends, you WILL lose your money. If you chase trends, you're already too late. You have to be in before it starts.
  3. Always do your own due diligence. Always.
  4. A motto that's been working very well for me in crypto is: "Buy the fear, sell the greed" - meaning buy when it dips, sell when it peaks. Go against the gullible crowd.
  5. How do you get started? Register on, buy Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum with your credit card or bank account. Now you have crypto! I will be posting more detailed posts about buying, of course.
  6. Other exchanges I use: Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex, Kraken...but there are many others.
  7. How do I do due diligence? I have a feed set up that monitors keywords of pretty much all the coins i have invested in. You can also set up Google alerts. I also have alerts for keywords like "Blockchain," "cryptocurrency," "ICO," etc.
  8. Learning candlestick charting is VERY helpful. Steve Nison's "Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques" is a great start. Investopedia also has a ton of great information.
  9. I use TradingView to keep track of multiple currencies on one screen, and for charting. I'm sure there are other really good platforms as well.
Ask away!
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InziderX Exchange Characteristics!

InziderX Exchange Characteristics!

“The ideal exchange is a decentralized one where the transactions are done wallet to wallet (Dapp). Thus, there are no significant accumulations of funds in a single wallet that could tempt a hacker. This type of exchange is therefore secure by design.
The reason is simple : hacker is a “game” of trial and error that takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is normally useless for a hacker to waste time and risk accusation to perform a task that pays little.
This feature has several advantages.

Basic Features
No registration & verification
It is not necessary to register for the exchange and wait for endless checks of his identity. The portfolio, which is itself the decentralized exchange, is accessible to all by a simple download.

No restriction or limit
There are no restrictions or minimum deposits to open a wallet of digital assets and the same is true for the use of a wallet-based decentralized trading platform.
There is no need to make a deposit to trade or withdraw the funds from the exchange to secure them. The balance of the wallet is always accessible and safe. There is no daily withdrawal limit like several decentralized exchanges.

Not regularized
This type of exchange is less sensitive to regulations governments changes and moods. By its very structure, being based on the wallets that communicate with each other by a decentralized blockchain, there is no fixe server that can be closed or controlled by an external entity.

Since it is not necessary to provide personal information when opening a wallet, the information about user’s transactions that are made on the blockchain are completely anonymous.

Obviously, since the exchange offers the negotiation of digitals assets with the largest capitalizations, the portfolio is multi-currency and user-friendly.

Advanced features
The concept of the InziderX exchange have a focus for active and algorithmic negotiation.

Exchange between assets
It allows the exchange without margin, the exchange between the funds already in the account. Example BTC for another digital asset, let say LTC. The conversion of the first BTC value is converted in LTC.

Trading with margin
Margin trading is the option usually used by actives and algorithms traders or with because it allows taking positions without selling the assets holds in the accounts. This feature is essential in order to allocate trading power to multiple positions at the same time.

Short Selling
Margin trading also allows shorting selling of digital assets. For example, a trader can borrow 1 BTC from another user in order to sell it to another trader and take advantage of the decline in the price of that asset. When the short sale position is closed, the 1 BTC is returned including financing fees.

Margin funding
These features are available through margin funding. The margin can be financed from its own funds or provided by other users of the InziderX exchange.
These users can use the dormant balance in their portfolio to provide margin funding to other traders who use leverage. An advantageous option for those who do not want to negotiate but wants to put their stack at work.

Type of orders
The novice trader is certainly not aware, but for the active trader, it is sometimes frustrating not to have access to the types of orders traditionally offered on the FX trading platforms.

Types of orders available
  • Market
  • Limit
  • Stop
  • Limit-stop
  • Complex market order including stop and limit
  • Complex limit order including stop and limit
  • Trail-Stop
  • OCO — one cancel the other
  • Order in scale : divided into several levels and sizes
Complex orders
The major difference here is that the digital asset trading platforms currently available do not offer complex orders; an order to which other orders are associated and executed in sequence.
It is difficult to manage pending positions without having a specific level of maximum loss and take profit. This type of order is a basic option offered on all the foreign exchange (FX) trading platforms. It’s difficult to understand why digital asset exchanges have not replicated this model, if not to disadvantage the users.
Without this type of complex order, it’s necessary to wait for the execution of the limit order before being able to place the orders of maximum loss and take profit.
Otherwise the take profit order (TP) could be triggered even before the execution of a limit entry order is triggered. This would have the effect of initiating a short sale position where the user actually wanted to take profits. An annoying situation.
The lack of a complex order causes unnecessary complications and stresses to the negotiators, regardless of their level of expertise.

Aggregated Orders or not (FX)
Another popular digital asset trading practice is to create an average price when multiple positions are taken on the same assets.
Example: purchase of 0.5 BTC at $ 10,000 and purchase of 0.5 BTC at $ 15,000 = average price of 1 BTC at $ 12,500.
The novice user certainly does not distinguish between an order accumulated or not, but for the experienced negotiator, who is often used to the exchange market, this practice is annoying.
These traders are used to take multiple positions at different prices and setting the appropriate gain and loss levels for each position.
Having to evaluate at any time by a mental calculation or by hand if a position is positive or negative according to its transaction history is a useless exercise and once again inconvenient.
Decision time is a critical factor for any active negotiator and this complication doesn’t help.
The InziderX trading platform will include this option : aggregated orders or not (FX) to serve its users in the rules of the art.

The non-aggregated order option combined with the margin financing option allows for Hedging –taking opposite positions on the same digital asset. So it’s possible to initiate a buying position at a level and then initiate a new sales position to another level on the same asset.
The aggregated order type does not allow this option because the second short position would have the effect of canceling the buyers position.
Without going into the details of possible strategies with this option, the InziderX platform will allow hedging to favor the most complex trading strategies.
Analysis Chart
Our team wants to offer the most fluid and user-friendly trading experience possible, which is why we chose to integrate analytics charts into our decentralized trading.
Tradingview is a platform for viewing quotations of digital assets that offers excellent graphics quality and an impressive number of tools to facilitate analysis and position taking.
It does not matter if the user simply wants to take a quick look at the chart or make a more complex analysis including several indicators; all tools are available for this purpose.
The Tradingview graph platform is therefore user-friendly for both novice and experienced traders.

Raw Benefits
  • Several types of graphics are available: Bar, Candles, Renko, Kagi, Line Break, PnF
  • It is possible to deploy multiple graphics on one screen
  • Varied choice of graph time from month to minute
  • Quality history

Tracing tools
This chart platform contains more than 50 tracing tools from the simplest to the most advanced analysis such as : trend line, alan andrew pitchfork, fibonnacci ratio, harmonic figures, Elliott waves, R calculator, personal annotations directly on the chart, etc).
For an active trader who uses technicals analysis to refine his decisions, those tools are invaluable.

Indicators and oscillators
TradingView include over a hundred indicators and oscillators in its platform. These cover the most popular concepts and indicators to the most experienced and can be calibrated to the taste of the user to personalize his analysis. He can even save his configuration in order to apply his model to several assets.

One of the most useful features is the alerts that can be received via email, SMS or just visual and sound. These alerts are triggered according to the criteria chosen in advance by the user and can be based on a price level but also on a level of indicator. Example RSI 14 on the daily chart of BTC / USD is under level 20: alert ! This would theoretically be a good buy level.

Other options
This analysis platform also includes basic options such as a rating table where you can save your favorites and make a list and a section delivering the latest market news and an economic calendar.

Execution table
The execution table includes all the elements necessary for analysis in one look. It includes:
  • A clear and detailed graph
  • A list of quotations with choice of favorites
  • A table to enter orders
  • A list of assets in the portfolio
  • The leverage and the amount available depending on the balance.
  • A list of margin positions and the cost of financing
  • A list of pending orders.
  • The latest transactions processed in real time
  • The Order Book — Level 2
The chart allows you to see open positions, pending and alerts. It is possible to change the price or level of an alert simply by moving a marker on the graph.

Negotiation with Algorithms — API
During the last 10 years, we have witnessed a revolution in the world of trading by the appearance of algorithms that can execute strategies without human intervention.
To the point where, at its best in 2010, algorithmic trading accounted for 60–70% of trading volume in the US equity market. This trend is not likely to fade and it is hard to gauge the percentage of algorithm use in the over-the-counter (OTC) markets such as the foreign exchange and digital asset markets.
This is why the InziderX exchange will focus on this type of negotiation by providing all the necessary tools for the smooth execution of these scripts.
An API with clear and detailed controls allowing all the types of actions necessary to take a position and modify the orders will be developed by our team.
Limited access will be established by an encryption of the keys necessary to access the API.

These will be able to select the information that can be access and possible actions such as:
  • Balance account
  • Historical
  • Order pending
  • Position statement — exchange, margin and / or financing
  • Possibility of withdrawal

Earlier compatible version
The success of a trading platform has often been the responsibility of the community that supports it. The Metatrader4 platform is a good example where few of its users have migrated to the new version — Metatrader5.
The reason is simple : thousands of indicators and algorithms were created for this platform and when the new version was released, all those lines of code were no longer applicable ..! An uncomfortable situation for a trader who has been using the same tools for a long time.
The InziderX exchange will focus so that its API advances are always compatible with the previous version. And if, in a case of impossibility, will provide clear instructions on how to modify the code to make it compatible. Our commitment is reassuring for those who use algorithms to execute their negotiation.
Our focus on developing this quality tool and keeping it up to date is a guarantee of confidence for these traders.

Negotiable Assets
The InziderX exchange does not seek to be a ICO launching platform. The focus is on the active and fluid algorithmic trading of digital asset with the largest capitalizations.
Several reasons are involved. An active trader is usually not interested in keeping a long-term position. The dramatic variations in new issues of digital assets, particularly the ECR20 token, are therefore not desirable and appropriate.
The BTC / USD pair has an average volatility of 10% per day. In fact, the average volatility of the ten digital assets with the largest capitalization is 5 to 10%. These variations are ample for anyone who wants to buy or sell at discounted prices and get out at extended movement.
In addition, if volume is an important consideration for smooth execution, a tight spread and almost no slippage, it makes no sense to enter non-liquid assets.
This is why our exchange is committed to keep more or less the twenty (20) digital assets with the largest capitalization.

List of planned assets

The USDT asset will allow other assets to be traded in pairs at a price that is known to traders, as it is sometimes difficult to evaluate the value of a pair such as XMR / BCH or DHS / INX.
A visual conversion of the value of all assets will be available in USD and other fiats through an option and will allow the rapid valuation of asset values.

INX assets is the tool with which the InziderX exchange intends to finance its projects and offer a discount to users that cover their transaction fees with INX.

Token ERC20
Some ERC20 Tokens will be included in our list and will be evaluated according to their capitalization such as other altcoins. The EOS token is a good candidate.”
#ico #exchange #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #inziderx
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Alert! Another scam running offering (from the name of Binance) free coins. Here is how

I share this info only to get you guys alerted. I hope most of you don't fall for such scams. However, I for one consider myself quite clever (not only in form of education), but the first time Elon Musk's twitter acc got hacked I got the message in almost the same condition I am about to share (as story) and on top of that I am a bit of a gambler by nature. Not an excuse, but a warning. We all do stupid things and in my case it costed 0.5 ETH, considerable small amount, but here is the story I reshare from a private tgram group:
"Hello ****,
I am a big admirer in what you do and have been following you since the beginning of the year. As like many others I jumped into the crypto world late last year, saw it tumble in January, didn’t know what to do, and found the saving miricle that is botje11. I have learned a lot this year from you and because of you I have a personal interest now in learning more and more about TA.
I feel really stupid in what I am about to write but I hope it helps others down the road. Just a couple of hours ago I was doing my usual botje11 bitcoin update reading


). I like to read the comments underneath the updates from others, as they tend to give good points of view. I came across one tonight that talked about binance giving away free coins and had a link going to a binance website. I had heard that these free give away promotions existed sometimes, so I went to the link and it looked legit (even had links and login for binance itself!). I did a search on the website itself and nothing negative popped up on the internet. So I gave away basically one full bitcoin in the idea that binance would send me some more because of the promotion. Normally I wouldn’t have done this. I was tired and had gotten out of a long 12 hour workday, but what put me over the edge in my thinking was that the comment in your update had been up for a couple hours. I thought it was safe, but after sending the amount it started to hit me that it was all a hoax. I went back to your update to find that the comment had now been removed! My heart sank. I am telling you all of this because I want you to warn others about this situation. I hope others can learn from my mistake.
Well, thank you for all of your hard work. You have helped so many people in these times of darkness, you are a true saint. I just wish I wasnt so stupid. I have no one else to blame but myself. I gave away all I had in this cryptocurrency world, it was fun while it lasted. At least I will be getting more sleep now."
So, don't be that guy (and me, lol). Easy ways are pure scams in 99.9999999%
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Best Bitcoin (BTC) Indicators To Use On Tradingview! - YouTube Strategy Alerts in TradingView - Else If Statement Now in Pine Quick Alerts for TradingView - New Strategy Automatic Backtesting Released! Tools of the Bitcoin Automated Tradingview Alerts to API Exchange Trader Beginner Tips & Tricks , How to Set TradingView Alerts  MetaTrader

All triggered alerts are automatically added into Alerts Log and you can access your alert history anytime. Click in the Log and use the arrows keyboard buttons or Space bar to move between triggered alerts. You can also Clear Log or Export it to a CSV file. alert — Sehen Sie sich die Trading Ideen, Strategien, Meinungen und Analysen absolut kostenlos an! — Indikatoren und Signale TradingView alerts are immediate notifications when the market meets your custom criteria. For example, "Alert me if Apple crosses above $150." All users can get visual popups, audio signals, email alerts and email-to-sms alerts, and also PUSH notifications that are sent to your phone. Trading Alerts. Alerts delivered on a daily or hourly basis if the market sentiments quickly changes. The trading alerts can include any of the following details: support and resistance levels, indicators, patterns, detailed charts, stop-loss, entries, exits so you can surf the crypto market well prepared. These alerts are published directly to the Bitcoin Guru live Discord communication ... Now let's see how we manage TradingView alerts in the ‘Alerts’ sidebar. ... That means when our chart shows BTC/USD, this setting only lists Bitcoin-based alerts below ‘Manage Alerts’. For the Current Resolution Only. Only shows alerts that use the same resolution as our chart currently uses. So with a 1-minute chart, this lists only alerts based on a 1-minute periodicity below ...

[index] [11272] [2700] [25796] [10860] [30507] [8823] [22830] [35144] [15004] [12422]

Best Bitcoin (BTC) Indicators To Use On Tradingview! - YouTube

Learning how to set up alerts in Tradingview can make sure you never miss a drop or spike again. Use this great ALERT tool in Tradingview. If you liked our content, please click on the thumbs up ... In this video I show you how to setup crypto trading alerts on the TradingView platform to day trade cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Link to sign up for a @Tr... Set TradingView Trend Line Alerts And Get Your Life Back! I am not a Forex Educator and trading the Forex Market can be Risky! I am just sharing how I use trend line alerts to notify me of market ... Watch my video here on how I'm earning $1,000's per week in BitCoin ~ Sign Up For TradingView Here ~ http://bit.l... Tools of the Bitcoin Tradingview Alerts to API Exchange Trader is a Google Chrome Extention. And is the best tool to send trade orders to bitcoin exchange based on your own ...