Interview with a man called 'The Real Plato' who is traveling from Connecticut to San Francisco using nothing but Bitcoins to fund his trip.

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I just wasted 15 minutes debunking some new hit spreading in COVID-sceptic community, so I share it here, so you don't have to.

One of my conspiracy-theory prone friend has sent me a movie clip and asked what I think about it. As usual, I decided to make a quick research, and it turned out pretty quickly, that I can say something about it. So since I wasted 15 minutes for it, let me write it up for you, so you don’t have to do it.
So what is the movie I am talking about? We see a table in some obscure classroom. Behind it a row of people is sitting, with each of them displaying a tiny country flag in front of them. A lady introducing herself as Elke de Klerk speaks. On behalf of Dutch doctors she informs us, that COVID pandemics is a fake, and that they are going to sue Dutch government for harming people with their anti-pandemics activities, or something. Sorry, I haven’t been listening too carefully.
Instead of that, I put my web search engine for a good use. And this is what I found:
So much for facts. Now, let’s use pure logic and think: what is more probable:
– COVID is a sham, but someone managed to bribe practically every doctor on this planet and thousands of scientist, so they falsify data. Millions of people fell for it, and they believe it so much, that some even get sick or die of COVID-19
– someone found a few people related to medical science in this or that way and/or made them to record that clip, in which they tell COVID-19 is a sham, so people oppose the governments, that already struggle with tackling the pandemic, in hope to even more destablization of the politics in the EU, which makes a certain guy in Kremlin happy.
William of Ockham aks if you want to borrow his razor?

To sum it up: the COVID is not a fake. This is just a movie clip spreaded by radical right as a part of their disinformation campaign in hope to destablize European politics even further. Don’t fall for it: as conspiracy theorists will tell you: think for yourself. But be skeptical and critical: check sources of everything before you propagate it further on the internet!

Thank you for your attention. I would not link to right-wing/propaganda sources, so I don’t bring traffic to them. You can find them easily if you want.
If you want to use it, feel free. I also placed it on my blog for convienience (my blog is usually just to put translations of my article on something completely different, so I hope it's OK to link it here for that purpose):
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Mathias Valon wiki and bio

Mathias Valon wiki and bio

Mathias Valon
Mathias Valon is a very active, creative, forward-thinking, and enterprising person. His personal goal is "I create the world with more confidence." Trust is the most precious element in this universe. His vision is to digitally connect the global network through a seamless chain of trust. He likes to stay fit, active, and have an endless passion for sports. Mathias has established 7 companies in 4 countries and has gained a good reputation in blockchain and cryptocurrencies around the world. He is an encouraging leader who shares his vision of a trustless economy through the TrustSearch project and TrustUnion.
He has a dynamic and varied character that makes him learn new languages ​​despite his native French. He often speaks French and English and has a basic knowledge of Chinese and Thai.
His hobbies are reading books, exploring the world, and meeting people to inspire their lives. He changed many lives during his life.

Early Education

Mathias' passion for studying has crossed Arlington, Texas, United States; where he studied training of management experts and management services at the CCI Training Center; It offers professional training in computer science and network administration. He completed his postgraduate studies in Aix-en-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France. Blockchain is an immutable and shared ledger for building trust and recording transactions, as well as for monitoring resources. He graduated from Expert Block Technologies and Blockchain Business Solutions in the United States in 2018.


He has a great enthusiasm for reading tons of books; that help you develop your personality, your knowledge, and your business. He read Blockchain, Laurent Leloup's Revolution of Trust, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, by Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, by Yuval Noah Harari, The 4- Hour Workweek, by Tim Ferris, Humain [Human], by Monique Atlan and Roger-Pol Droit, Guy de Maupassant (all volumes), The great precursors of social thought, volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, by Plato, Eschyle, Aristote, Lucrèce.

Mathias Valon is passionate about extreme sports. He loves almost all sports but thrives on challenging and exciting sports like rock climbing, paragliding, etc. It has a paragliding license. It has climbed twice the highest peak in Europe: Mont Blanc (the highest mountain in Europe) and four times "le Dôme des Ecrins" located in France. He has climbed the exciting "Dôme des Ecrins" 8 times. His endless quest for adventure encourages him to explore and test his skills on Kilimanjaro and Everest. So in the future, it will escalate. He has a great passion for support and inspiring nature that made him Thailand's national champion Superbike 1000 CC.


Mathias Valon is curious to explore and understand new technologies. His desire to make his way in the technology sector for over 15 years. Mathias VALON currently works as CEO and co-founder of TrustUnion and CEO and co-founder of DragonKey Co. Ltd.
He was ranked as the best French entrepreneur in Asia in Singapore (2018-2019). His work in Asia and the Asian response to it is remarkable. Mathias Valon has named one of "50 must-see weekly Crypto journalists covering Crypto and Blockchain". He leads his company TrustUnion to reach the biggest victory phase by a wide margin against his opponents in the "start race" organized by "Blockshow Asia 2018", which is the best-known blockchain conference in Singapore and in the region.
In addition, Mathias VALON has held five previous positions, including that of Managing Director and Co-Founder at OPPORTUNITIES LTD. He has an annual turnover of $ 16 million per year, inspiring and employing more than 200 people in her many companies. His personal CB rank is 24, 717. TrustUnion's CB rating is 272, 101.

A. TrustUnion Company

Mathias Valon is CEO and founder of TrustUnion & TrustSearch.
He is a diverse and serial entrepreneur. He has created and managed seven successful companies worldwide. TrustUnion is its core business and is based on the concept of digital trust. Mathias' vision to help people trust each other and provide a digital trust platform. He laid the foundation for "TrustUnion-Blockchain technology will reduce the cost of trust by digitizing real trust." TrustUnion is a private non-profit company founded in November 2016. TrustUnion aims to reduce the cost of trust globally. Their vision is to bring the first symbiosis between real trust in a digital relationship based on all the reliable quality of the blockchain. At TrustUnion, your identity is no longer based on your personal data. Reliability is an integral part of your digital interactions and connections.

B. TrustSearch

Mathias is working on his other company, "TrustSearch", whose motive is to organize the world's trust and make it universally accessible and useful. Recently, under Mathias' leadership, TrustSearch reached the highest sales milestone in Germany, the United Kingdom, and several cities in Europe.
TrustSearch is Valon's latest project, but his continual quest for knowledge and helping humanity all over the world is endless. Today Mathias Valon inspires the world through digital trust and is currently working to improve people's beliefs. Trust is vital in personal and public circles, including relationships, loved ones, and their surroundings.
The TrustSearch initiative was supposed to cover these aspects of trust. TrustSearch has created the Chain of Trust: a comprehensive protocol that seamlessly integrates all aspects of trust.

C. DragonKey Company

Mathias Valon is CEO and co-founder of DragonKey Co. Ltd. DragonKey is a global company with an awareness of the new challenges of the modern world. Its headquarters are located in Asia-Pacific (APAC). This company was also founded in 2016. DragonKey International is firmly established in Asia. The company is growing faster than expected thanks to the experience of Mathais Valon who has created several tools to help the company assess operational needs more accurately and improve financial forecasts. Under his leadership, the company excels and generates huge profits every year.


Mathias Valon is a trust and innovative researcher. He is also a data science enthusiast. He is an encouraging leader who is always happy and ready to share his vision of a trustless economy through his TrustUnion project. Trust is essential and essential. Without trust, we cannot survive in society or even stay alive for a long time, but being too confident is not a good option either. Mathias plays and defines many roles in improving trust levels. Mathias is an ICO Bench blogger and AFGC member. On January 15, 2018, Mathias Valon participated in CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise Asia.

Personal Statement

Mathias Valon says: “It is very simple to initiate a nice idea, because, everyone can initiate marketable ideas daily, however, the difficult part is transforming the ideas generated into a successful product. There are many steps to follow, you need to create a balanced combination of persistence, relentlessness, stubbornness, and flexibility. He said one must be persistent in vision and flexible in implementation. To launch our platform, we adapt to all phases, to technological changes, to changes in the market, to changes in monetization, to the new CTO, to the launch of the fundraiser ahead of schedule, but we remain persistent in our vision. Today trust is the most ethical element on earth and allows as many people as possible to have the same chance of success. It is one of the few things that cannot be purchased and it puts everyone on an equal footing. "


Mathias always has a clear vision. What inspires you to start a company like TrustUnion? His answer to this frequently asked question is: "Anyone can be a seller through the Amazon platform, anyone can be a pilot through the Uber platform, anyone can be a journalist through the Twitter platform, anyone can be a banker through the Bitcoin platform, anyone can be a filmmaker through the YouTube platform, anyone can learn through Wikipedia. "So he had the TrustUnion idea that "anyone can be trusted (digitally) through TrustUnion.

Social Presence

Mathias Valon is a socially active person. He loves meeting new people with ideas and exploring life with them. He loves to talk about innovations and technology. He often meets new people around the world and discusses new ideas and technologies that help him grow his business exponentially. Trust is what transforms society and, at the same time, it is what is exploited. Mathias maintains and appreciates trust because he knows the cost of building trust. Spend years studying the digital market and helping people evolve digitally. He travels from time to time around the world and has a special interest in building a healthy and reliable social relationship.


Mathias Valon is not only good at entrepreneurship and in what he does, but he also has a humble and humanitarian character, he cares so much about his employees and his reputation among their employees is positive and their comments are that “They are extremely proud to have Mathias as a leader and proud of their results; their honor and recognition are deserved!


Mathias Valon is an exemplary personality for entrepreneurs and start-ups owners. His commitment and passion for his goals and vision are extraordinary. He has faced many difficulties throughout his life but continues to move forward with a positive intuition. He always stays tuned and keeps his head straight-up, on every difficulty, and he finally achieves what he wanted. He has no plan to stop sooner, his vision is fast-growing and replicating more and more every day. Mathias Valon promises to deliver world-class services on time. He strongly believes in time and appreciates every moment of his life. The nature of Mathias is alive and progressive. The best thing about Mathias is "he is focused, oriented and self-motivated". He Inspires the surroundings and assists others to grow as well. His ultimate mission and drive are to create a world of trust with many opportunities for growth and inspiration.

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For Trading February 6th

For Trading February 6th PELETON MISS, DIS & QCOM BEAT
Even ENERGY Recovers
ISM better than expected.
Today’s market was off to the races from the start on the third day of China manufacturing money it does not have to buoy their markets (a move that never works long term) and after telling the world things were better, they spilled the beans that it just isn’t true. While it helped BABA trade up to $230 premarket, by 10:30 -11:00 it was $217.54 and while it did regain a bit, it still finished $22.22, well off the highs, same thing for BIDU about $5 off its high. We closed at new highs in NASDAQ and S&P 500, while the DJIA missed by a bit, but did close near the high of + 501 with a finish of +483.22 (1.68%), NASDAQ +40.71 (.43%), S&P 500 +37.10 (1.13%), the Russell +25.16 (1.52%) and the DJ Transports +145 .81 (1.35%). Market internals were strong, but not excessive at 3:1 on NYSE and 2:1 on the NAZ. The DJIA was 4:1 with the big losers, DIS -23 and MRK -17 DPs while we had the biggest winner, UNH +100DP’s, BA +79, IBM +49 and MMM +35. All in all, a very strong day. Questionable news, but the result positive. Energy, healthcare and financials were higher and real estate and communication services were lower.
Just a quote I happened to come across in what I call “beach reading” by James Patterson, that really hit home in this current political season, by Plato, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”
Our “open forum” on Discord, which allows me to interact with subscribers and others to allow direct questions and chart opinions on just about any stock, continues to grow with more participants every day. It is informative and allows me to share insights as the market is open and moving. The link is: and I will be there and active from before the open and all day. It’s a great place to share ideas and gain some insights.
SECTORS: Other names in the news: The big news the initial lies from China, later admitted to, that yesterday was the biggest number of new cases of just over 3,100. Today, as it turns out is +2900 or so, and an admitted death number of just under 600. Really? I’m not a believer. The number is still 10X what they admit.
DIS had great numbers last night even with the closure of both Shanghai and Hong Kong, the big surprise was the number of participants in Disney’s streaming service. The original estimate was for 30 million by 2024, and the actual number is already 28.6 million. The stock had been up just under $135 a week ago, but it also had 3 gaps higher, and as I mentioned when we shorted RAD, that is almost always an “exhaustion” and causes a pullback. I don’t think we can compare RAD and DIS, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the selloff from $147.30 to a low of $138.57 will give us a reasonable entry point. IRBT reported a soft Q4 but a great year and the stock rallied from a close of $49.11 to hit $60.90 before falling back to $50.34 + 1.23. Peloton (PTON) beat on revenues but missed on earnings. The company’s attitude of growth “at all costs” is not something that Wall Street is tolerant of these days and the stock, which fell from its IPO to a low of $20.46 and then moved back $37 had closed $32.70 fell to $27.30 and is currently $30.10 -2.60. On the IPO front, Casper (mattress) CSPR, was originally to be priced from $17-19, and lowered to $12–13 was priced @$12, and will start trading tomorrow. One of the biggest gainers was BIIB, who won its case with MYL over the patent for Tecfidera, its blockbuster MS drug, which produced revenues of $4.4Billion in 2019. Also on the schedule for FDA approval is Aducanumab, their investigative Alzheimer’s treatment. The stock was $332.87 +49.58 (17.5%) after trading as high as $374.99 during the day.
BIOPHARMA: was HIGHER with BIIB +49.96 (see above), ABBV +2.74, REGN +16, ISRG +2.49, MYL +.65, TEVA +.03, VRTX +1.90, BHC +.24, INCY + 2.12, ICPT +.31, LABU +4.02 and IBB $122.25 +3.70 (3.12%).
CANNABIS: stocks were MIXED TO LOWER with TLRY -.52, CGC -.88, CRON -.15, GWPH +.56, ACB -.03, PYX -.13, APHA -.14, NBEV +.08, ACRGF -.09, CURLF -.20, KERN +.10 and MJ $16.72 -.24 (1.42%).
DEFENSE: was HIGHER with LMT +4.41, RTN +2.43, GD +4.44, TXT +.03, UTX +2.63, NOC +5.99, BWXT +.98, TDY +1.82, and ITA $234.89 +3.78 (1.64%).
RETAIL was HIGHER with M +.98 (on new store closings), JWN +2.16, DDS +2.42, KSS +2.78, JCP +.01, WMT +1.68, TGT +2.35, TJX -.94, RL -1.17, UAA -.06, LULU -3.50, TPR +1.19, CPRI +2.55, and XRT $44.86 +1.03 (2.35%).
FAANG and Big Cap: were MIXED with GOOGL +.64, AMZN -8.67, AAPL +2.95, FB +.27, NFLX +.29, NVDA +3.67, TSLA -156.07 (17.59%), BABA -1.63, BIDU -.61, IBM +6.89, DIS -3.37, BA +11.06, CAT +3.93 and XLK $99.80 +.68 (.69%).
FINANCIALS were HIGHER with rates and GS +2.91, JPM +2.33, BAC +1.09, MS +1.08, C +2.32, PNC +3.13, AIG +1.83, TRV +4.20, AXP +2.08, and XLF $31.09 +.63 (2.07%).
OIL, $50.75 + 1.14. Today’s action was a rally off the lows below $50, closing near the highs. The stocks were HIGHER with the oil market, even XOM +2.79, and XLE $55.21 +2.28 (4.31%).
METALS, GOLD: $1,562.80 +7.30 after breaking out and tried overnight to make it back over $1,600, but failed and closed near the low of the day. We ran into some excessive supply at $1,598.50 and turning prices back today. We bought the GLD 2/149 calls @ $1.10 and got stopped out yesterday @ $ .55 on the 50% Down Rule.
BITCOIN: closed $9,830 +575. We broke to the upside last week and managed a close on the highs and continue today, touching $9,995. We are back into the supply around the round number @ $10,000. We own 750 GBTC with an average of $8.89. GBTC closed $11.51 + .97 today.
Tomorrow is another day.
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Observations by Singaporean(s) at Oxford


The Ultimate Encyclopaedia of Singaporean Students at Oxford
  1. The Triple Threat: Chinese, Christian, Government Scholarship holder. Ultra-anglicized scions of the colonial bureaucracy. Grew up in Bukit Timah with multiple generations of family members having attended mission schools before heading to the Raffles or Anglo-Chinese School finishing schools. Knows more Latin than local dialect. Highly familiar with western classical music and literature. Quickly learns upon arrival that you don’t make friends with contemporary Brits by dropping Jane Eyre references and quickly masters Zadie Smith and trap. Learns to distinguish the right kind of woke (environmental charities and effective altruism) from the wrong kind (Rhodes Must Fall) and shuts up about the latter while running to be the face of diversity initiatives. Typically the only students of Asian ethnicity involved in incredibly white shit like choir (not rowing, because these types are either very skinny or quite fat). Graduates from Oxford with a solid First, and returns to rise quickly in a government that gives them extraordinary latitude to impose their versions of Plato’s Republic on the socially-housed denizens of Singapore. No qualms because deep down inside, they know they are born to rule.
  2. The Trapped Intellectual: ultra-brainy middle-class kid who couldn’t have afforded Oxford if not for a civil-service scholarship. Really should have studied locally and then gone straight for a PhD. Probably the most brilliant student in JC and definitely took Knowledge and Inquiry (KI) as an A level subject. Realises upon arrival at Oxford that it is hardly an intellectual nirvana at the undergraduate level and starts to regret the decision. A true, dyed in wool liberal, a soul fitted for the life of the mind but forced into government. Frustrated intellectual ambitions will be coped with by writing copious amounts of poetry - some of which will turn out to be quite good - while a middling civil servant, thus fulfilling to a tee the archetype of the Tang Dynasty Bureaucrat-Poet.
  3. The Scientist: Schooled all the way through in Hwa Chong, RVHS, Dunman. Almost always middle class, but once in a blue moon you get someone descended from a rubbetin/finance/real estate billionaire clan. Partially conversant in the Confucian Classics and semi-competitive in games like Chess and Go. Can always be relied on last minute to play Dota but still hands in problem sets on time. Unfailingly turns up CNY event for cheap and good food. Probably bought few thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin in 2015. Will go on to do a PhD in the sciences, and have lots well-remunerated and intellectually fulfilling career options. Aside from the occasional sexist remark about women in STEM, there's really not much else you can hold against them. Attributes their high-functioning, well-adjusted nature to the strong cultivating aspects of their classic education, grounded in 5,000 years of Chinese Wisdom which they, as true heirs to the Chinese Civilisation, helped safeguard from Evil Communists.
  4. ​The Hipster Undergrad: Usually female. Excited to come to do History, Literature or Geography, but shit goes downhill after not getting into anything for Spring Week. Takes good photos in Eastern Europe though. If finds a rich white person to marry during undergrad, will go on to work in a media job in London. If that fails, heads to America on Daddy’s coin to do a masters’ degree in another hipster subject, writes sad research paper coining terms like "Decolonial Aesthesis” to rationalise failed attempts to assimilate into British High Culture.
  5. The Careerist: Law, E&M or PPE (without scholarship). Strong minority. Came here because they knew exactly what they wanted to do - which is that they had no idea what they actually wanted to do aside from getting into the most prestigious internships/universities/jobs possible. Makes CNY and Formal Dinners tedious once critical mass of them exceeds a certain proportion.
  6. The Philosopher King: Related by blood to Lee Kuan Yew, and living embodiment of the triumvirate of Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Becomes Best Speaker In the World while winning the Gibbs Prize easily, and tops the MPhil in Economics while supported by a Clarendon. Gets into Harvard and then pursues research in Mechanism Design, the hardest, truest and purest branch of microeconomic theory. Tries not to be involved in family feuds but has to step in when the Democracy of the Republic is at stake.
  7. The Debater: PPEist has always aspired to be 6 but with mixed success due to lack of 166 IQ royal blood.
  8. The FOB Postgrad: Spends way too long being initially over-awed by Oxford and taking embarrassing pictures. Glad they finally made it to this hallowed institution of Singaporean elite culture, but a bit insecure that they didn’t do so for undergrad. However, their confidence grows from strength to strength as they start make contributions to the sum of human knowledge and learn how to use the Manual setting on the DSLR.
  9. The Aesthete Postgrad: Doing a DPhil in History, Literature or Oriental Studies. Plays multiple instruments, some of them very obscure. Comes to Oxford already skilled in hipstercraft such as film photography, bicycle repair and tea brewing, even though literally no one does this back home. Generally liked by everyone, but quite reclusive. Underestimated how Conservative the humanities and social sciences departments at Oxford are, and sometimes fantasise about having gone to Cambridge or SOAS instead. Marries a native brit to secure residence while pursuing their low-income, dead-end careers. Happiness and overall sense of well-being and life progress in their 20s bought from wilful ignorance of how brutal the academic job markets in their fields actually are.
  10. ​The International School Kid: hello
source is from facebook link, you can access from here
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Some believe that blockchains today are comparable to the Internet of the 1990s. I think we are actually much closer to the 70s and 80s in terms of utilization and adoption. But just as we find ourselves in a swelling informational singularity - soon we will be contributors to a financial one.

This is both good and bad. It's torturous because while I know that some of us can see the eventual global dominance that blockchain tech will hold over the financial system, we groan when we think of the mountain of hard work (and time) that lie between us and that destination.
The good news is that because it is still early we have a chance to truly aid this technology in its infancy, and play a significant role in an arena that will be eventually remembered as one of the significant turning points in human history.
For your consideration:
"Colossal Cave Adventure, created in 1975 by Will Crowther on a DEC PDP-10 computer, was the first widely used adventure game. The game was significantly expanded in 1976 by Don Woods. Also called Adventure, it contained many D&D features and references, including a computer controlled dungeon master.[15][16]
Numerous graphical MUDs were created on the PLATO system at the University of Illinois and other American universities that used PLATO, beginning in 1975. Among them were "pedit5," "oubliette," "moria," "avathar," "krozair," "dungeon," "dnd," "crypt," and "drygulch." By 1978-79, PLATO MUDs were heavily in use on various PLATO systems, and exhibited a marked increase in sophistication in terms of 3D graphics, storytelling, user involvement, team play, and depth of objects and monsters in the dungeons. PLATO MUDs are often ignored by historians and by the creators of other MUDs whose work came later."
Why does that matter? MUDs represented one of the first 'fun' ways of using this new internet technology in an intuitive way that made sense to most normie nerds of the day. It was hard at the time to truly grasp the power of a decentralized informational network ('don't we already have TV?') but the application of being able to contribute to a shared fantasy environment, even if you had to use your imagination heavily, was easy to understand. People of the day would have been forgiven for imagining that this was the ultimate application of this odd new network, but in truth this was but a small representation of the eventual global dominance of this emerging technology.
The metaphor is applicable today. We are finally seeing the first true uses of blockchains for gaming, via the Counterparty (XCP) network on top of Bitcoin. Now to be honest, XCP is raw and rough, but it does what it set out to do - make abstract crypto-token implementation accessible to everyone and allow easy integration of these concepts in third party projects. Some of these are the grassroots Pepecash and Rare Pepe project ( and the more professional Bitcrystals and Spells of Genesis tokens ( Both of these are significant because they are the first MUD equivalents for blockchains. I realize here in the Monero community we have CryptoKingdom which was notable for being one of the first projects to actually incorporate XMR in a game environment, but because the servers and assets are still centralized it doesn't count as true blockchain integration yet. I do have faith though that a.) there will eventually exist a secondary asset layer to Monero and b.) CryptoKingdom and others will likely establish some sort of game presence in this future layer.
So in many respects we are much closer to 1975 in blockchain history than 1995.
"But what about Monero?" you may ask. Does that not prove we are on the cusp of a next generation network standard that will go mainstream? Well, this is a tricky question. While it's true that https standards didn't come about until 1994 ( we also have to recognize that much of the cryptography that enabled encrypted connections was in development during the early advent of the internet, not to mention was highly classified (
So we have to stir together many factors to make a quality estimate on where we are in the history of blockchains, but I personally propose we are solidly in the equivalent of the early 80s. It is also important to note that due to the exponential nature of technological progress, the history of blockchains will move more rapidly than the history of the Internet did, just as it progressed more rapidly than the rise of radio waves before it.
As well we should recognize that just as the Internet incorporated many new ideas in math and computer science as it grew (such as encryption) so too will blockchains eventually incorporate emerging ideas in fields such as AI and virtual reality. If Monero is our first quality "encrypted connection" standard, we should expect many more innovations along this road in coming years. I don't believe it will take decades.
To the contrary, I think that by the early 2020s we will be firmly approaching the dot-com boom period of the late 90s when the public's imagination became mass captivated by this new networking technology, and they imagined a flood of ways to capitalize on it. Of course it was too much and too soon, just as it will also be for us in a few years. As well, just as some hardcore wizards couldn't imagine advances like data-sharing via torrents a few years prior to their rise, we also should expect a few new twists and turns along the way.
To give you one potential example, perhaps you are fully vested in the future of AI and also enjoy blockchains, but have you envisioned an advanced network where an open-source AI judges the quality of your submissions and proposals and directs proportional resources into your address from transaction fees? Who ever said that UBI had to be socialist? Technocracy may be much closer than many realize. Or consider a virtual world where every square meter of its real estate is represented in colored blockchain tokens. We might call it the BitWorld standard.
My ultimate point is that it is still very early, and we are not adopters of this miraculous tech - we are pioneers in a brave new cypherpunk paradise. This is a journey that will take all of us further than even the most imaginative can dream, and similar to how most people find themselves shocked they can't answer the question of how this informational singularity known as the Internet came to exist, in distant decades they won't be able to say with certainty how the financial singularity they use every day came to exist either. But the answer is us, right now, doing what we are doing every day.
If you are read these words any time remotely near to when they were written, you can rest assured you are one of the most important humans that will ever live.
Or at least, you have the opportunity to be.
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[WTS] Temp Control Box Mods, Tanks, Ejuice, Batteries and more

Everybody who put in orders should have a short update in their emails
This round is closed
This listing will be open till August 17th and items should get to me around the 20th and I plan to ship everything out on Friday the 21st. Payments accepted will be Paypal and Bitcoin only. If using Paypal I'd prefer using friends and family but I have no problem using goods and services as long as you pay the 4% PP fee.
I will be using USPS Priority for shipping. Small flat rate is $6 and Medium is $13. Payment for the items will be due by the 17th and shipping costs will be due before I ship the items
Last Minute Additions Added iCloudCig FishBone RDA Plato Wire Cutter $5 Coil Master Stainless Steel / Ceramic Tweezers - Sharp White Tips $10 Coil Master 5 in 1 Kanthal Wire Jig $12 Available in Black, Blue, or Red Coil Master Tool Kit $40 The Coil Master tool kit is an all-in-one kit for rebuilders! Contents: Tool Case Flush Cut Pliers Ceramic Tweezers Stainless Steel Elbow Tweezers Pen-style Screwdriver Kit Plastic Box to store parts Stainless Steel Scissors Ohm Meter Coil Master Coiling Kit with Pouch
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Flat tire in Boulder CO. Not allowed to spend dollars on #BitcoinRoadtrip. Can anyone help

edit Flat fixed thanks to nexusofcrap and denmarx on #bitcoin-otc!
Hey Reddit, I've travelled 4800 miles from CT to Boulder spending only Bitcoins. My goal is to reach LA without spending a single dollar. So far I haven't had any car troubles, till now. I'm in a Safeway parking lot at 28th and Arapahoe in Boulder. I have a donut but no jack. My firebird is really low so the jack point is only about 4-5" above the ground - I probably need a floor jack. Can anyone help me get one, or pay for me to be towed and repaired? I will pay you back with Bitcoins at the exchange rate of 8.25 BTC = 1USD. Email me at plato at or DM me on twitter @TheRealPlato to get in touch with me instantly, I'll keep an eye on this thread too.
Thanks guys,
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TIL the first real-world Bitcoin transaction was 10,000 BTC for 2 pizzas. In today's value, 10,000 BTC is worth $57 million USD.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 96%. (I'm a bot)
Not only did bitcoin's public ledger seem to protect against fraud, but the predetermined release of the digital currency kept the bitcoin money supply growing at a predictable rate, immune to printing-press-happy central bankers and Weimar Republic-style hyperinflation.
Gavin Andresen, a coder in New England, bought 10,000 bitcoins for $50 and created a site called the Bitcoin Faucet, where he gave them away for the hell of it.
Laszlo Hanyecz, a Florida programmer, conducted what bitcoiners think of as the first real-world bitcoin transaction, paying 10,000 bitcoins to get two pizzas delivered from Papa John's.
On December 5, 2010, after bitcoiners started to call for Wikileaks to accept bitcoin donations, the normally terse and all-business Nakamoto weighed in with uncharacteristic vehemence.
While bitcoin is "The most exciting technology since the Internet," he says, eBay is "a giant bloodsucking corporation" and free speech "a popular myth." He is similarly excitable when predicting the future of bitcoin.
A young bitcoiner, The Real Plato, brought into the new millennium by video-blogging a cross-country car trip during which he spent only bitcoins.
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Technology, communism and the Brown Scare

This could have been a link post rather than a text post, but "Technology, communism and the Brown Scare" is a huge wall of text, much of it irrelevant. And it just goes on and on and on. Did I mention it was huge, as in ten thousand words of huge, and meanders onto twenty different subjects, and posts one of Plato's dialogues as an interlude? So I'm reposting the parts I found most relevant, because I think it still has some useful commentary today:
The linked post is from about a year ago, before GamerGate, but in a similar case of dickwads at Gawker attacking unbelievers and labeling them horrible evil bigots. The author writes something which seems to apply quite well to GamerGate too:
What the bully needs is to provoke mild approval, from the vast majority of ordinary, decent people who don't care about politics or power and are really not involved with the game at all. It's this abuse of common decency that offends me most about the witch-hunting process. The ordinary observer does not, really, believe in witches - or disbelieve in them, either. Rhetoric about black cats, third nipples and secret meetings with Satan doesn't make much impression on her at all.
But what she knows is that Goody Hannah is a strange, mean old lady with no husband and a snippy tongue, who smells funny and sleeps way too late in the morning, and once yelled at her when she was a little girl. Left to her own devices, our decent observer would never think of reasoning from this to the proposition that Goody Hannah needs to be drowned. On the other hand, when the crowd (consisting mostly of decent observers) is about to drown Goody Hannah, she's not exactly about to speak up and stick out her neck. For a strange, mean old lady with no husband and a snippy tongue? That no one speaks up, of course, is no more and no less than the witchfinders need.
I think that's a good summary of the Gawker tactics here: paint us as basement-dwelling misogynerds. They don't need to call us Hitler, they just need to call us unsympathetic enough that they can get away with it unchallenged by the outside observers. After all, reasonable people don't have enough hours in the day to investigate every allegation of assholery in detail, and they know there are real assholes out there.
The dickwad of the day, rather than Sam Biddle, was Anil Dash, who wrote this screed:
There was also a pretty dogged pitch for his startup, which will get all kinds of warm huzzahs from the intersection of MRAs, Bitcoin fans, NSA critics and Redditors. I was pretty amazed that he went for it. He flat out said that he wants his startup to be funded and wasn't sure if it'd be possible after all of his, and I replied that it realistically wasn't going to happen without the say-so of someone like me, and I wasn't inclined to give some VC the nod on this. On reflection, I'll be explicit: If you're a venture capitalist, and you invest in Pax [Dickinson]'s startup without a profound, meaningful and years-long demonstration of responsibility from Pax beforehand, you're complicit in extending the tech industry's awful track record of exclusion, and it's unacceptable.
Change a few words like "startup" and "tech industry" and it's practically current.
Moldbug refers to the SJW movement and its panic as the "Brown Scare" because of the analogy to the Red Scare, with a little search-and-replace for the acceptable targets of the day:
There was also a pretty dogged pitch for his film, which will get all kinds of warm huzzahs from the intersection of atheists, pacifists, communists and Jews. I was pretty amazed that he went for it. He flat out said that he wants his film to be funded and wasn't sure if it'd be possible after all of his, and I replied that it realistically wasn't going to happen without the say-so of someone like me, and I wasn't inclined to give some producer the nod on this. On reflection, I'll be explicit: If you're a producer, and you invest in Dalton Trumbo's film without a profound, meaningful and years-long demonstration of responsibility from Dalton beforehand, you're complicit in extending the film industry's awful track record of communism, and it's unacceptable.
One thing seems to have changed, and arguably for the better, in the year since then. It gives me hope for the success of GamerGate:
The logic of the witch hunter is simple. It has hardly changed since Matthew Hopkins' day. The first requirement is to invert the reality of power. Power at its most basic level is the power to harm or destroy other human beings. The obvious reality is that witch hunters gang up and destroy witches. Whereas witches are never, ever seen to gang up and destroy witch hunters.
We do not see Pax Dickinson and Paul Graham ganging up to destroy Gawker. We see them curling up into a fetal position and trying to survive. An America in which hackers could purge journalists for communist deviation, rather than journalists purging hackers for fascist deviation, would be a very different America.
This time, we're hardly curling up into a fetal position. We're fighting back. The gawker dickwad squad and their friends still own enough media to launch a coordinated "Gamers are over" offensive, but they haven't crushed or purged us yet!
Again with the similarities to GamerGate:
Furthermore, if you can present a natural force as a human force, it is possible to attribute almost infinite power to the witch conspiracy. Jews, for example, cause droughts. It's easy to see how strong the Jews are - it hasn't rained for a month! Throw the Jews down the well!
In this particular case, it's an observation only slightly more obvious than that the sky is blue - especially for those of us who are grownups not born in the 1990s, with, like, wives and daughters and stuff - that (a) geeks are born not made, and (b) a Y chromosome is a major risk factor for geekiness.
Or as the gawkerlogic runs in our case: Not enough female games programmers? Must be some kind of evil at work. Clearly the men are sexist, backwards, bigoted, hateful, boorish, neckbearded troglodytes, and the gaming community must be purged of the malevolent excluders. Whom it is proving very difficult to find, so let's spread some blame around on "gamers" as a whole.
Are Gawker and its ilk genuinely interested in bringing women into technology? Do they genuinely like either (a) (other) women, or (b) technology? Because it would sure seem, to the uneducated observer, that the actual effect of their actual actions is to scare women away from programming careers - on the grounds that, if they so much as master MySQL, they will be instantly raped by a pack of Satan-worshipping "brogrammers."
Yeah, this sounds familiar.
Do you know what women who actually want to help other women learn programming look like? They look like this.
Replace Hackbright Academy with The Fine Young Capitalists and you've got today.
And finally, good advice on dealing with internet trolls:
Can men be assholes to women? Can women be assholes to men? Well, actually, it's usually men who are assholes and women who are bitches - though not without exceptions. But broadly speaking, can everyone be assholes to everyone else? They can. They are. And if you're genuinely mentoring a younger person, with genuine empathy and a genuine interest in their genuine success, what you say in every case is: life is full of assholes. When someone is an asshole (or a bitch) to you, ignore him and have as little to do with him as possible.
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The dangers of fully STEM ruled world

Now, I love futurology, I love gadgets and new scientific discoveries, but an article I read a day or two ago and comments made regarding that article made me think.
The article was Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry's ''It's Urgent To Put The Liberal Arts Back At The Center Of Education'' in, in which the author urges that people should be taught Aristotle and other Great Books at schools more and there should be a bigger focus on people gaining more classical than "jobs, jobs, jobs, innovation, science, business'' education.
One of the guys with both classical education and STEM background expressed, in comments below, that there was no point in classical education, as Aristotle, Plato etc. are outdated and everything in the world can be explained by much newer accomplishments and newer theories put forward by science, going as far as to compare philosophy to astrology and alchemy.
However, this guy received both types of education, therefore he could judge the merits of them, compare and formulate an opinion. Further on he stated that there have not been a significant number of STEM people in government ever, but the government with all the liberal arts people still has engaged in countless war and there has not been much peace.
The question then is, why there have not been many STEM people in the government? Is it because they're more anti-social or are less able to attract popular support? Is it because they hate politics (this is a common sentiment in Silicon Valley, of course they ''hate'' politics only when there's too much regulation preventing disruption, when they need to sell gadgets, then it's important to have breakfasts with Obama et al)? Or perhaps before they didn't have enough money and now they just might be able to enter politics? Perhaps a combination of all those points?
In any case, I disagree to the guy's opinion that you do not need liberal arts and can be the opinion/country leader just being well versed in a STEM field. Of course we need a lot of people with STEM backgrounds, but also we need people who could stop and reflect on society as it's being influenced by STEM onslaught. And the reason is, whether you're a lawyer or a software designer, if you're successful, you're also probably a businessman too and business is your primary occupation. And if you offer a product to people, be it a new shiny phone or a draft of law, you have to sell it but at the same time you need to think of how it will affect people in long term. I'm afraid without much background in liberal arts, all you'll hear in your head and coming out of your mouth will be "disrupt, disrupt, disrupt'' mantra.
It's like Bitcoin uber-fanatics who would be ready to replace banks with Bitcoin in a heartbeat because they for sure would know how to secure their Bitcoins so that they never lose them, while ignoring millions of people who have listened to ''have you tried to switch it off and on again?" several times in their lives who would have no idea what to do with this Bit Coin or Bit Con. Of course the next argument coming from them is the elitist one,''world should work according to how we work, if we all were this and that, Africa would not be poor etc. etc.'' Unfortunately our world is much more complicated than giving a smartphone to every child in Africa and expecting next Bill Gates to appear...
The rise of social media was accompanied by such accolades as "they will connect the world, they will make keeping in touch easier'' etc. by STEM and still is accompanied by ''they have democratized the world'', ignoring privacy issues, ignoring the fact that the can be in the same way used by oppressors to coerce populations into acting on their behalf. People talk about Arab Spring as having come into being thanks to social media, however they ignore that ISIS has the same roots and the results of Arab Spring are inconclusive, and I'm stretching it. One has only to look at numerous Russian government trolls on the internet, shifting the facts in shaky nearby regions to see that the impact has not been as positive as we're being told. Or just to look at social media being either manipulated or willing collaborators with the most oppressive governments.
If you do not have a strong liberal arts background, if you do not know history and the development of human thought, you will again and again stumble upon the same problems. Modern luddites, IMHO, rise up not because they're against technology, but because they see many in STEM fields as aliens/somebody who are not humans. Like the reaction against Google Glass, we might think that it's perfectly normal to walk around with a camera on one's face, but obviously people pushing such kind of AR on world' population at the moment fail to grasp the concept of most basic privacy and what issues population might have with it. Therefore the backlash. Zuck didn't create Facebook because he was one of the bros. He created it partially because he could and partially I guess because it was easier for him to find people on a computer than to find them in real life. Then we were encouraged to participate in this thing because of the benefits it offered (and it offers those benefits), but it never was the essence of what we, humans, are, especially not the privacy issues Facebook created, selling data etc. We were taught that facebook was a norm, that giving your data to Zuck to receive this free services was ok, masses are gullible and with good marketing you can sell everything, so we agreed. But the very human issues remained unsolved.
If we look further down the line, the same points can be raised about VR, driverless cars (for example, no, the main reason for driverless cars are not drunk drivers, phone users, disabled, elderly, less road accidents etc. The main reason is just that Google needs more profits, Amazon needs more profits by killing retail, Netflix/Oculus needs more profits as we would spend the time staring at screens, not at road etc.). Almost nobody from pure STEM people will think about these issues, because for them disruption is key. If a technology can disrupt something it is BY DEFINITION RIGHT. And I'm not saying that it isn't. I'm just saying that if there were no ''old fashioned farts'' writing articles about the ''evils'' of social media, VR or driverless cars, we would perhaps soon be directed to a world where there's nothing left of humanity except selling adds, fighting for different causes made up by marketing teams or fukjl89 on Youtube, or country governments each second hour on twitter or in VR and chanting ''disrupt, disrupt'' when the next shiny thing appears on shelves.
We should not live in a world where disruption is by definition a good thing
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Open Letter to NYSDFS Regarding Mr. Ben Lawsky

Let me preface by saying that I have read most of Ben Lawsky's proposals. While I disagree with much of their content, I do not intend to attack Mr. Lawsky's opinions, only to offer my own viewpoints. One of the first facts we should face is that anything may happen if Mr. Lawsky is able to commit senseless acts of treason against anyone daring to challenge his rotten ruminations. Linguacious grumpy-types may revive an arcadian past that never existed. The worst classes of demented nincompoops there are may brandish the word “theologicohistorical” (as it is commonly spelled) to hoodwink people into believing that the majority of unsavory philopolemical-types are heroes, if not saints. And confused, larcenous prima donnas may deny that Mr. Lawsky twists every argument into some sort of “struggle” between bitcoin users and the federal government. Mr. Lawsky unvaryingly constitutes the underdog party, which is what he claims gives him the right to demand that loyalty to grotty personæ non gratæ supersedes personal loyalty. I'll go over that again: This makes me fearful that I might someday find myself in the crosshairs of his counterproductive taradiddles.
We can't stop Mr. Lawsky's ridiculous proposals overnight. It takes time, patience and experience to stand by our principles and be true to them on all occasions, in all places, against all foes, and at whatever cost. Despite the fact that unless we express our concerns about his brazen treatises, no real changes will ever occur, unlike the usual, carnaptious, garden-variety hypochondriac, Mr. Lawsky has been trying desperately hard to make the case that he's a tribune of the oppressed. Sorry, Mr. Lawsky, but I must respectfully disagree. My counterargument is that Mr. Lawsky wants us to believe that public opinion is a reliable indicator of what's true and what isn't. How stupid does he think we are? The answer to that question has broad implications. For example, Mr. Lawsky has hatched all sorts of self-deceiving plans. Remember his attempt to supplant one form of injustice with another? No? That's because Mr. Lawsky is so good at concealing his odious, poxy activities.
Mr. Lawsky used to maintain that we have too much freedom. However, after my last letter so eloquently put a lie to that, Mr. Lawsky and his forces have busily if rather quietly gone to work on their palinodes—amending here, canceling there, and generally trying to conceal the fact that Mr. Lawsky's hijinks are not witty satire, as he would have you believe. They're simply the venom-spouting, choleric ramblings of someone who has no idea or appreciation of what he's mocking. I'm at loggerheads with him on at least one important issue. Namely, Mr. Lawsky argues that drug money is being used to pay for the construction of huge underground cities for bitcoin dwellers. I take the opposite position, that it's often hard to decipher Mr. Lawsky's logorrheic comments. Obviously, he flees clarity whenever it involves unpleasant shouldering of responsibility, but I believe that in this case, Mr. Lawsky is typical of jackbooted theologasters in his wild invocations to the irrational, the magic, and the fantastic to dramatize his assertions.
Mr. Lawsky and his bootlickers are, by nature, self-pitying babblers. Not only can that nature not be changed by window-dressing or persiflage, but if you spend much time listening to Mr. Lawsky's trash talk you'll inevitably hear the term “physicophilosophical” thrown around. Usually Mr. Lawsky hurls that word as an epithet, a way of accusing someone of preventing the production of a new crop of fork-tongued, mingy bottom-feeders or of doing something else of which Mr. Lawsky disapproves. More accepted usage of the word, however, is to describe the manner in which Mr. Lawsky had promised us liberty, equality, and fraternity. Instead, he gave us narcissism, exclusivism, and factionalism. I suppose we should have seen that coming, especially since if we look beyond Mr. Lawsky's delusions of grandeur, we see that he avers that corporatism can quell the hatred and disorder in our society. As you can no doubt determine from comments like that, facts and Ben Lawsky are like oil and water.
A brief study of sociology will show one inescapable fact: My goal is to focus on what unites rather than divides us. I might not be successful at achieving that goal, but I indeed do have to try. Sure, Mr. Lawsky can fabulize about how he knows the “right” way to read Plato, Maimonides, and Machiavelli. That doesn't change the fact that he keeps trying to interfere with the most important principles of democracy. And if we don't remain eternally vigilant, he will really succeed. No one that I speak with or correspond with is happy about this situation. Of course, I don't speak or correspond with selfish jokers, Mr. Lawsky's votaries, or anyone else who fails to realize that in asserting that his sentiments are not worth getting outraged about, Mr. Lawsky demonstrates an astounding narrowness of vision. This letter has gone on far too long in my opinion and probably yours as well. So let me end it by saying merely that Mr. Ben Lawsky's incessant word-mongering makes me think that it is totally ridiculous that I have to be faced with proponents of clericalism whose mean-spirited ideals are treated with apathy.
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How Bitcoins can save us from the banks

TL;DR: money makes the world go 'round. buy bitcoins before the dollar collapses.
Global trends should be making everything cheaper, faster, and easier. But some things remain the same. Americans still aren't taught how to critically think in public schools. People across the globe are still hungry. Isn't it obvious that the people who make the rules, and the people who make the money - the people in charge - are not using this power and money for good?
The reason these problems still exist is simply that fixing them is not profitable. But "profitable" is soon going to be an outdated notion. Money won't matter, if we reach the point where the whole world has been stripped to the bare earth and a few giant corporations own everything. In that world, who'll give a shit what's profitable? Everyone's lives will be equally bad, except for those at the top.
The money system is controlled, collectively, by the bankers. (-1-, -2-) The banks create their profits by loaning money to companies and governments, creating debt. All that new debt has interest attached; the interest charges on the USA's debt, for the year 2010, were about half of the 2010 income tax revenue. (Right - half of 'our tax money' goes to the interest fees on Uncle Sam's credit card. After the other half is spent on other line items, there's still a couple trillion dollars worth of other bills. We've just been letting them pile up on the kitchen table for a couple of decades. See IOUSA, streaming on Netflix, or this data-packed site for further info on the USA's astronomical debt.)
The US is cheating right now by making more money to pay some of these debts. (The Fed is not part of the government. It's a private corporation whose shares are owned by... Surprise! More bankers - JP Morgan, Chase Manhattan, Goldman Sachs, etc. These are the owners who get half of our tax dollars each year. Remember when we had to bail these same guys out a couple years back, because they bet all the mortgages at a roulette table and lost all their money? Fun times!)
Understandably, other countries are grumbling about the US's unfair advantage. The dollar's value has just been dropping steadily since the Fed was invented 1933 - but since modern finance is based entirely on the dollar ('the world's reserve currency'), allowing the dollar to fail would be a very messy prospect. No countries have been willing to call us out on our shenanigans so far. But nothing good lasts forever; saying that the dollar can't fail is simply wishful thinking. Even the Council on Foreign Relations says that economically, we're no stronger than the rest of the G20.
Wouldn't it be nice to neatly sidestep this collapsing system? We might have a chance with "Bitcoins." Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency. They're anonymous, and transactions can't be chargedback. This means, that for the first time ever, we might be able to set up a real free market, free of meddling by banks and governments. Digital cash brings a paradigm shift - for example, since bitcoins are anonymous, the government can't look in your bank account to see how much tax money they can take. There's many interesting ramifications of this idea; for one, if you want to buy drugs anonymously with anonymous cash no one can stop you.
Bitcoins exist in a peer to peer network of clients, who run the Bitcoin software. All nodes talk to each other and follow an agreed-upon set of rules. These rules handle stuff like the exchange of bitcoins, preventing cheaters from spending coins that they don't own, and minting more money. The system seems pretty robust so far; and as more people use it, it gets stronger. There are 5.7 million bitcoins right now; worth about $0.75 each. The minting process will gradually slow down as the total supply of bitcoins approaches 21 million. I bought a couple hundred bitoins myself, because a) they're cool and b) if the system gets widely adopted, the value of each bitcoin will see some impressive gains.
See for the official client, for a much easier to use web client, for a wiki. Go buy some bitcoins before the dollar collapses. Follow @bitcoinnews, check out the forums and trade anything over the counter in #bitcoin-otc on There's also /bitcoin.
Technical details -
Bitcoin is based on public-key crypto. Imagine a big pool of bitcoins; and imagine that each one has a different lock on it. These locks are here to prevent coins from being spent without the matching key. Everyone can see and examine all of the coins and the locks, but the keys are secret... only the person with the key can unlock the lock and spend the coin. Bitcoins are digital cash - if you lose the key to the lock on your bitcoins, you have no way to ever get a new one to unlock the coin. It's like dropping change down a storm drain.
So, owning the key means that you effectively 'own' that coin. When a coin is 'spent,' the old lock and key are destroyed and new, different ones are created. The new owner gets the new key; now he 'owns' the coin because he's the only one who is allowed to spend it.
You spend bitcoins in "transactions." Let's say Alice owes Bob ten bitcoins for some data. Alice sends out a message to the network, saying 'I am transferring ownership rights of these coins to Bob'. From now on, Bob owns the coins. The system makes a note of this transaction, and a few minutes later, the transaction is recorded in a "block." Blocks are lists of recent transactions that prove the transfer of ownership. About 6-8 blocks are usually generated per hour, so each block generally contains about ten minutes of transaction history.
Every time a block is created, the creator is rewarded with some bitcoins. This is how bitcoins are created. There's a chain of blocks going all the way back to the first bitcoin that was created, in 2009; new bitcoins trickle in at a constant rate. (Over a period of decades this rate will slow to a trickle and stop; the total number of bitcoins that will ever exist is 21 million.)
The transaction record stored in the chain of blocks is complete. There is a hard record of every bitcoin transaction that has ever taken place. Clients can look through this history to check if a transaction is legitimate - if Alice sends Bob her bitcoins, the network as a whole will cry foul when she tries to send the same ones to Claire later. This prevents cheating, because anyone who tries to simply create new bitcoins out of thin air will be ignored, since there's no record of the coins existing.
However, note that until the Alice-Bob transaction is recorded in a block or three, ("confirmed,") it might be possible for Alice to send Claire the same bitcoins. In this case, the official ruling is, whichever transaction ends up in the next block counts as valid. (The nodes generating blocks will include the first transaction they receive, and ignore the later attempts.) Either Bob or Claire would get the bitcoins, the other would be SOL. So, to completely trust a transaction, you need to wait for the transaction to be confirmed.
Incidentally I am planning a cross country road trip next month funded entirely by bitcoins. Follow me on Twitter, it's going to be an epic adventure! I plan on making a podcast and blog about my travels (maybe a documentary too if I can get my hands on a camera.)
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Hey #OccupyWallSt - #subverse is a brand for subversives like you. I'll pay you Bitcoins to advertise it on your signs.

TL;DR: Write #subverse legibly on a protest sign, take a photo of you holding the sign in NYC, post it here alongside a Bitcoin address, receive Bitcoins.

Hi guys. Back in January, someone offhandedly mentioned flight N987SA. I googled that, which led to other CIA conspiracies, which led to all kinds of redpills.
Over time, I realized that there were major problems with the status quo. But it was really hard to find knowledgable people and good information. Learning how Monsanto screws small farmers, learning from John Taylor Gatto's work about America's sabotaged state school system, learning what the fuck a lobbyist is... this took me months of unemployed googling. Most people don't have that much time to educate themselves, so they don't understand the fundamental problems #OccupyWallSt wants to solve.
I was confused that all of this information was so spread out. Why wasn't there a Digg, Slashdot, or Reddit for all of this subversive stuff?
I'd like to set up a site to sort and index and filter all this content, but I'm spending too much time being unemployed and homeless to code that yet. [1] What I did do was define a brand that represents our drive to fix the world: Subverse.
The revolution isn't televised. It's entirely up to us to teach everyone else what's going on and how to change it. "Subverse" is an awesome name with ideal connotations - there is a whole world of underground intel that's dangerous to the Powers That Be if it becomes public knowledge.
So, I have a few Bitcoins left over from my #BitcoinRoadtrip. I really believe that this context is the final thing we need for the 99% to unify, so I'm offering to pay bitcoins for your help. Think of it yourself as a street team advertising the global revolution. Bounties will be proportional to the awesomeness of your sign. Here's a couple logos I came up with.
btw, I'm in Portland OR but I've been following #OccupyWallSt with rapt attention. I'm maintaining a Twitter list of users who are on the ground. Please tell me of new accounts to add!
[1] Everyone on Reddit gets an equal vote, including shill accounts and other Meanies. The key is to track reputation of each user and weed out these disreputable. Imagine Ebay feedback that works on multiple sites: when you sell a guitar, or buy bitcoins on an exchange, or use a rideshare network, all these interactions affect your reputation. Now imagine a wiki full of subversive stuff where you can opt to only view edits by users you trust.
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The Real Plato - YouTube Bitcoin Mining Trading Philosophy Monetary System ... How To Buy Gas With Bitcoins The Bitcoin Show - 055 - Nick Flower and Robert Taylor, actors: The World's First Bitcoin Road Trip

The Bitcoin Show Episode 001 Real Plato, The Great American Bitcoin Roadtrip Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. Started by VideoBOT . December 28, 2017. Updated December 28, 2017. Views 107. Comments 0 comments; External URL ... interview w/ the real plato on the “world’s first bitcoin roadtrip” this special interview episode features an outdoor conversation with the real plato as he completes the "world's first bitcoin roadtrip". crossing the finish line in the pacific northwest, we met our guest in the park to talk about how he made it across the country using only a new form of digital currency called bitcoin ... I crossed the United States spending only Bitcoin in 2011. Now I’m a Go engineer. Aug 12 Breaking Production: Risk, Impact and Mitigations ; Nov 29 6 years of bitcoin youtube comments ; Oct 31 #soberoctober day 31: better timez ; Oct 30 #soberoctober day 30: the slackening ; Oct 29 #soberoctober day 29: fluff ; Oct 28 #soberoctober day 28: smash up ; Oct 27 #soberoctober day 27: Guildhall ... The Bitcoin Show Episode 1 - Real Plato, The Great American Bitcoin Roadtrip . report. more; We love COVID-19 PARTY. DIY dad builds cool bike for his son in northern India. Man Entirely Unaware of His Environment. Dramatic moment families are rescued after storm washed away road next to their homes. Knife wielding man in Manhattan is shot . Fried rat. Terrifying footage of photographer's ... Plato has shown us that no man is fit to hold power. Can Bitcoin slay this hydra at last? Can it restore some measure of real parity between organisation and individual? Can it spike the guns of ...

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The Real Plato - YouTube

Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Sign in. Watch Queue Queue The Bitcoin Show - Episode 001 - Real Plato, The Great American Bitcoin Roadtrip - Duration: 58:47. vlogwrap Recommended for you. 58:47. Interview with #Longmire's Robert Taylor on Home & Family ... The Bitcoin Show - Episode 001 - Real Plato, The Great American Bitcoin Roadtrip by vlogwrap. 58:46. Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off History Help ... Unsubscribe from The Real Plato? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed ... How To Cash In $1000 In BitCoin For Less Than Average ATM Fee - Duration: 23:49. Gary Gilgen ... Today we're joined by The Real Plato, a man who is currently on the world's first Bitcoin road trip. We discuss what Bitcoins are, how they work, how people can start using them, and what it's ...